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Watch about film Karnan and Vakeel Saab

Karnan film hindi

These days people are really interesting to watch south Indian movies. People are started like south Indian movies because the south film stories are very different from Bollywood films. And that’s why south Indian films are going a step forward than Bollywood. South India film release every month new films. A few days ago Vakeel Saab release on theater and after that film Karnan are release too. Here some box office details and their collection read below down.

  • Karnan by Dhanush
  • Vakeel Saab by Pawan Kalyaan

Film Karnan

Karnan is a super-duper hits film of Dhanush its has been recently releasing and it’s super than Vakeel Saab. This film is very better than Vakeel Saab because Vakeel Saab is a remake of the Bollywood film Pink. In front of the film Karnan, Pawan Kalyan’s film Vakeel Saab is nothing. Because people like watching new story not remake. If you will also see this film you gonna love it because it’s super and its Dhanush film everyone gonna love him more. And this film will take a place of the national award in the future and this film have the right to win the award. The level of this film is very high and the content is very unique and pure. Dhanush acting always loved by the audience, and he is my favorite too. His actions movies style’s super. After you will watch this film you will love it too.

Now the detail of the box office of this super-duper film of Dhanush. The way of story and best content will be more earn than the Pawan Kalyan film Vakeel Saab. When you will start to watch this film you cant guess you are watching a film or it’s happening in reality. This film has made a real feel of action and the content is so pure. That’s why the audience will feel like they are living in that film. This film will be seen in real life. When you will start watching this film you will feel like you are a part of this film. I love that type of film where the acting scene feels so real no overacting. But this is a film of Dhanush Noth to south everyone loves him and his style. One of most his popular films is Mari that was a superhit film. And this film also gonna make a record at the box office. And it will earn more than Vakeel Saab.

Film Karnan in detail

Karnan film is full of action thriller films of Dhanush who has been recently releasing in the theater. This film is directed by the director of the film Mari Selvaraj and produced by Kalaipuli S. The main lead actor of this film Dhanush as Karna and Rajisha Vijayan as Darupathi. Its release on 9th April in the Telugu language. If you want more updates then you can see the Hindi release update on the Facebook page Facefof.

Vakeel Saab

The film of superstars Pawan Kalyan Vakeel Saab has been released on Friday. This film has been broken all records of that reports are coming out in Corona era no one film gonna earn too much profit on box office. But this film has been already broken the earning record. That was some news coming before the release if any films will be released in theater they gonna fail in corona time. But Vakeel Saab did actually good business at the box office. This film is an official remake of the Bollywood film pink, same its remake but its broken record on the box office. Vakeel Saab film also broke the record of the recently released film Master. The first Indian movie of the 2021 high collection on the first day was 40.40 crores of film master. First-day collection on India net on box office.

Vakeel Saab’s first day of collection on the box office is 46 .50 crores. This film India’s net cross collection of the first day was 46.50 crores. 6 crore more than Vijay film Master. So this film already breaks a record on box office 2021. On the first day of the film Vakeel Saab, all collection was 51.50 crores total first-day collection. On the second day of the collection, this film is 17 crore so this film did a really good business at the box office. Now we have to see which one film will earn more on box office Karnan or Vakeel Saab. Both films are very good and both actors are superstars. In corona time the earning of Vakeel Saab is quite good. And this film gives some hope for other films. Now makers have hope their films will hit the box office.

Film Vakeel Saab In detail

Pawan Kalyan film vakeel Saab is an official remake of the Bollywood film PINK. The superstar Pawan Kalyan film Vakeel Saab was directed by Venu Sriram and produced by Boney Kapoor, Dil Raju, and Sireesh. If you want to watch in Hindi and more updates about this film you can visit on Facebook page facefof. We will try to provide you soo as more updates about the films.

Facefof Extra

These days south Indian movie industries releasing many films with the best superstars like Allu Arjun, Prabhas, Yash. This time south Indian films craze seen everywhere because people love to watch south Indian films. 2021 most awaited film of all over India is KGF chapter 2. The craze of this film is very high in audience and teaser crossed already over 170 million views on youtube.