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RRR Earn 900 Crore Before Release

Junior NTR and Olivia Morris

South film industry most awaited film RRR fans seem quite craze about this film. Looking forward to this film of Ramcharan Teja, Junior NTR, Ajay Devgan and Alia Bhatt will play the main role in this film. Because of those superstars, fans seem very crazy about this film. Fans are eagerly waiting to watch this film. There is so much craze about this film, that the fans are keeping an eye on a moment moment every of news related to the film RRR. This film will release on 13 0ctober 2021.

900 crore earn before release

Meanwhile, big news emerged about the film. It is heard that the deal of Hindi theatrical rights of this film has been finalized in rupees 140 crores. Jayantilal Gada fans studio bought the Hindi right in 140 crores. The film combined this amount before the release. 900 crore rupees have been added to this film account. Which is the biggest amount in the history of Indian cinema. Simultaneously, the film RRR has prepared the entire stage of making a release in the theater. Considered by a leading website, the worldwide theatrical rights of this film have been sold for rupees 570 crores. In which the distributor of Andhra Pradesh has given the largest amount of 170 crores.

While 140 crore rupees for Hindi rights, 45 crores for Karnataka right, 15 core for Kerla, and 70 crores for the overseas release has been sold. The satellite rights have been sold in 130 crore rupees. The music rights have been sold for 20 crore rupees. According to this, the film has so far earned 900 crore rupees even before release. According to the media reports, the total budget of this film of SS Rajamouli is 400 crores rupees. The filmmakers hope that this film can do business of 500 crore rupees. Earlier SS Rajamouli film Bahubali the Conclusion had done 500 crore rupees business before the release. which was a big thing at that time. Now the new history has been created through SS Rajamouli as RRR. This film has revealed the looks of everyone from Ramcharan Teja, Junior NTR, Ajay Devgan, and Alia Bhatt.

About the Film RRR

This film is going to knock in the theater on October 13 this year, which is going to compete with Ajay Devgan’s film Maidaan. Ajay Devgan has been written his name through the film Tanahaji in 2020. Now the content king is coming back. This time opportunity is special because the content will meet cinemas Picasso as SS Rajamouli. SS Rajamouli called Indian cinema Picasso because his Indian cinema breaks many records all over the world. The same magician who has hypnotized the entire world with a film called Bahubali. The name of the new magic is RRR Rise Roar Revolt. Whose discussion has been seen in the hearts of fans for the whole year? Just all fans are waiting to release this film and the audience will love this film cause multiple superstars are working on this film.

Now new news has been coming out. The first look of Ajay Devgan has been revealed. And this look is really amazing all south Indians fans are like the look of Ajay Devgan. This film will be a power pack of action with three superstars like Ajay Devgan, Junior NTR, Ramcharan Teja. The theme of the film has now become very clear, Deshi warriors vs British army. A battle between both will be very interesting and awesome. RRR is going to be taken in Pre Independence era. When our country was ruled by Britishers. Both superstars will work as freedom fighters in this film.

Storyline In Detail

Another thing in this film will not be a one-man show. Meaning that the lead actor will not dominate. Every actor has their own story and both have the same value. The side characters that have been created in the story will be equally important as all actors. Like Alia Bhatt, Ajay Devgan and Olivia Morris these are equally important as winning Junior NTR and Ramcharan Teja. RRR will be teamwork no fallout of heropanti. You will get to see the story of brave freedom fighters in the film, which has been never seen in any film yet. Those sacrifices due to which we are living freely in this country. Every character has their own story in the film, they both fight for freedom. In last, they both fight for freedom together and help everyone in the film to against Britishers.

Those who raise the slogan of freedom today, a small glimpse of how many sacrifices have been made behind the freedom it will see in this film. Mr. Ajay Devgan will be seen alone fight against the whole British army. In the poster, he seems ready to fight against the British army without any fear. It seems he is able to defeat the whole British army alone. This will be gonna super in the film RRR this action scene will be amazing. But the praise of the actor is as much of the director SS Rajamouli. Who has made a small moment very amazing for a minute using the best creativity? This creativity of SS Rajamouli is super fantastic.

Facefof Extra

Olivia Morris And Junior NTR

Olivia Morris is debuting her first film in Indian Cinemas as RRR. Her roles in the film NTR as Jennifer love interest of Junior NTR. They fall in love with each other in this film. She is a Hollywood actress and it’s her first south Indian movie. Olivia Morris starts working with SS Rajamouli in the film RRR. Junior NTR and Olivia Morris seems close in the film RRR as love interest in Junior NTR