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Ravi Teja film Khiladi Story and release date

Khiladi film actress

Ravi Teja’s much-awaited upcoming film Khiladi teaser has been finally releasing. This teaser is so powerful that after watching it. You will say that this film will explode as soon as it arrives at the box office. After the film Krack of Ravi Teja, Mass Maharaja ready to do another blast through his next film Khiladi. Khiladi is the most awaited film of Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja. A few days ago, people comes to know about the film Khiladi. when Ravi Teja completing the work of his much-awaited film Krack. Read in detail below down.

About film Khliadi

After finished his Krack film work. At the same time, he announced that this film will release in the cinema hall soon. Right now we got this information that this film will be coming to the cinema hall on 28 May 2021. And the first teaser of this film has also been release. The glimpse of the Khiladi film came a few days ago, it was also super fantastic. And when the teaser has been surfaced, fans are getting very excited to see this film in theaters. Every single view of the teaser is quite powerful to make the audience crazy. And it is so great that the amount of praise we are giving is less. Another full of action pack film is Khiladi. Through this film, we will see the best action scene in theaters.

Like all Ravi Teja films always full of action. That’s why Ravi Teja fans are all over India. Ravi Teja’s all films are hits because his acting and attitude make his fans crazy. Ravi Teja’s acting and attitude audience are like very much. And this film will be full of a suspense thriller. Every scene will be suspenseful you cant guess what will happen in the next scene like we guess all film what will be next scene. This film has directed by Ramesh Varma and also written by him. This film will gonna be super like all Ravi Teja films. The action of this film is super fantastic like thriller films. You will goosebumps in the middle of watching this film. In reports, audiences are like suspense thriller movies too much.

Cast and Storyline in detail of film Khiladi

The main lead role of this film is Ravi Teja , Meenakshi Chaudhary, Arjun Sarja, Anasuya Bhardwaj, Nikitin Dheer, Unni Mukunandan and Dimple Hayathi and also Vennela Kishore. And music is given by Devi Sri Prasad because of his the music of teaser awesome. The line of the teaser is ” If you play to put an emotion on another side, then no one can stop you”. If the emotional is in this film is Ravi Teja someone messes with his feeling because he is the very emotional person in the film. And after that when he sided the emotion and then play a game with himself. You can see the Teaser. That is after seeing the poster of this film, it has become clear that Ravi Teja will be seen in a double role in this film. Or he is playing a double character with a single person.

This will understand after watching the film. That is if you look in the teaser, then everywhere you can see the competition happening with Ravi Teja playing with his brain. And you will see Arjun Sarja will compete with Ravi Teja in this film. The teaser has so many stars after seeing them, you cant wait to watch this film in a theater. A lot of information about this film is also coming out, that is earlier too on this film. We knowing that this film will only release in the Telugu language in the cinema hall. But as soon as the name Jayantilal Gada associated with this film. After that, it’s said that this film is going to release under PAN India. All over India means that this film can release in the Hindi language too, such things are being said.

Khiladi Film Story

The teaser of this film is very powerful and the teaser of this film is totally confusing what the story of the film. That is, every action and scene will make you think that playing with Khiladi or playing with everyone’s brain in this film. In this film, we also get to see a shot of a little girl running on a road. After that in one shot, we see that Ravi Teja saw with a woman, and then in one scene, he was seen with another woman. After that, this film has every twist and turn. This film has made with the very best action and suspense scene by Ramesh Varma. And this film will make a record at the box office.

This is his second film in 2021 after Krack he is launching his new film as Khiladi. This movie will be full of an action suspense thriller with the best story. And expected this film will release 28 May 2021. In corona time Ravi Teja is the first actor who launching his second film. Other big makers fear to release their film in corona time they think their film will not do business on box office. As you can see recently many movies release in the south industry like Vakeel Saab And Karnan.