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Why does my beard grow back so fast?

Introduction: When boys reach puberty, beards will slowly grow on both sides of the mouth, which has a certain relationship with our growth and development. Many male friends wake up in the morning and find that their beards have grown again. Even if they shaved yesterday, they will still grow out today. Why does my beard grow back so fast

Why does my beard grow back so fast
Why does my beard grow back so fast

Many male friends in life have beards that grow faster and are thicker, but some people have no beards. It is very troublesome to shave every morning. Many people carry an electric shaver with them and hang them up as long as they grow beards. It looks relatively clean.

1. What does the rapid growth of the beard indicate?

Why does my beard grow back so fast
Why does my beard grow back so fast

A. Eating habits

Everyone’s eating habits are different in life, and the diets of different countries will also be different. Comparing my country with the United States, it is not difficult to find that Chinese beards are shorter and grow more slowly, like the beards of Americans and Europeans. longer. Americans often eat beef and mutton, which can supplement the body’s protein. Our diet is mainly based on steamed buns with green vegetables and rice. Variety.

B. Kidney health

Why does my beard grow back so fast
Why does my beard grow back so fast

We exclude the influence of genes. If the beard is still growing very fast and thick, it means that our kidneys are very healthy. In a healthy state, the kidneys will maintain an energetic state, which can promote the growth rate of the beard, which is a good phenomenon.

C. High androgen content

Excessive hair has a lot to do with its own hormones. When male body hormones are too strong, the hair on the body will gradually become lush, such as leg hair, fine hair, and beard. This is the best time to present a masculine charm, which makes many women pay attention to the masculine charm.

D. Living environment

Many male friends in life work or live close to chemical factories. In this case, there are inevitably chemical substances that promote hair growth and make hair more vigorous. When the strong hair is caused by some reasons, it is recommended that you stay away from such polluted places. Over time, various diseases will appear in the body. Everyone must pay attention to the fact that it is very important to have a healthy body.

E. Drug-induced

With the continuous development of life, many people now suffer from sub-health problems, especially male friends, they will take some drugs in their life, which will also lead to excessive growth of beards. This is because the drugs contain certain male hormones.

If long-term use of drugs will affect our endocrine, under the stimulation of hormones, the beard will be too strong. When you take medicine, you must take it under the guidance of a doctor. Do not take medicine blindly to avoid harm to our body.

2. Is the beard growing fast? How to make beard grow faster?

When the beard grows too fast, it has a lot to do with the hormone levels in our body. The fast growth of the beard also means that our physical fitness is better. Physical fitness can also improve your own attractiveness.

How to make beard grow faster
How to make beard grow faster

If the beard grows too slowly or looks sparse and short, it may be a problem with our body. We should replenish nutrients in time. We can often eat some foods with high protein and low fat, such as fish, chicken, eggs and other foods. , helps our body to restore the metabolic function, enhance their physical fitness.


Conclusion: For male friends, the speed of beard growth has a lot to do with the secretion of hormones in our bodies. Usually, don’t worry if beards grow too fast. Just pay attention to personal hygiene. Read more tips about health on