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Why are the teeth that are in good shape suddenly loose?


If you’re an elderly person, it’s normal for your teeth to loosen as you age, but if you’re a young person, loose teeth are not a good thing. After all, there’s still a long way to go, and teeth are common tools, so you need to pay attention. Loose teeth can be caused by the following conditions: Nowadays, many people enjoy chewing betel nut, flicking their teeth, chewing beer bottle caps, and chewing various hard objects, which can cause excessive wear and tear of the teeth and cause the teeth to become loose. It can also be caused by genetic factors, which can be observed in the teeth of older adults in the family. If they all loose their teeth at a certain age, there may be some genetic factor.

Whether you have good care for your teeth even if you see your lifestyle habits at ordinary times. Brush your teeth morning and night. Sometimes, after a busy day, you feel so tired and you want to be lazy and not brush your teeth at night. This habit can actually do a lot of damage to your teeth. During the day, when the mouth speaks, eats, and swallows, saliva will flow in the mouth, which has a certain self-cleaning effect on the teeth. If you fall asleep at night, your mouth is less active. If you don’t brush your teeth at night, food scraps can breed bacteria and decay, which can put your teeth in a harsh environment. Therefore, you should brush your teeth at night. Accidental impacts can also cause root instability, and walking without a phone can reduce the chance of tripping. Do not engage in violent conflict with other people, as this can be a great threat to your teeth or the teeth of others.

Generally speaking, everyone is born with a good tooth, and the maintenance of the day after tomorrow plays a big role. Good tooth appetite, what to eat sweet. Good appetite is good health, then life is long, and the world is good and connected. The acquired stuffing is not as good as the original. Brush your teeth often, carefully, back and forth, up and down. Chronic progressive tooth loosening is caused by periodontitis. This loosening is not accompanied by significant pain and dental discomfort, and there are symptoms of occlusal weakness. It is worth noting that most adults in our country, especially those over 35 years old, suffer from chronic periodontitis. Teeth are supported by bony and soft tissue around the root, allowing the teeth to stay in place and function stably in the mouth.

Chronic periodontitis

Chronic periodontitis is a chronic progressive disease, mainly refers to the chronic inflammation of the periodontal support tissue, in the early stage of the disease will not cause loose teeth, but as the disease progresses, the root of the alveolar bone is wrapped in chronic During absorption, when the degree of absorption reaches more than half of the length of the root, the supporting force of the teeth is weakened, which can increase the degree of tooth loosening. Understandably, posterior teeth are more likely to have multiple roots, more periodontal support for surrounding roots, and anterior teeth are more likely to be single, so when alveolar bone resorption is to the same extent, anterior teeth tend to be looser than posterior teeth . In addition, in addition to being chronic periodontitis, aggressive periodontitis is also a special type of periodontitis, which cannot be ignored. Aggressive periodontitis patients mostly show symptoms of tooth loosening. The younger the age, the more severe the degree and the faster the disease progression. Most of them develop during adolescence or around the age of 20, and women are more prone to the disease than men.