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What is the best staple food for people with high blood sugar? What to watch out for in your diet


For people with high blood sugar, when choosing staple food, they must choose low-sugar staple food. The most common staple food in life is rice and flour, and flour is generally eaten in northern regions. The southern region generally eats rice, but the sugar content of these two staple foods is relatively high. Usually, you can choose to eat some flour and rice properly, or you can mix some coarse grains to eat. The starch and sugar content in coarse grains are relatively small, and they are also beneficial to the body.

When we usually eat, it is best to eat small and frequent meals, and not to eat too much at one time, because this will cause us to consume too much sugar at one time, which will also have a certain impact on the body. In the process of eating, it is best not to drink water, and do not choose to drink porridge. In the process of cooking porridge, all the sugar in the rice will be slowly released, and porridge is also a food with a relatively high sugar content, so it is not recommended for everyone to eat. The longer the food is processed, the higher the sugar content in the food, so it is best to choose some staple foods that are easier to cook.

Like the common rice in life, steamed bread and noodles are all edible, but you must control the amount. You can choose to eat brown rice three days a week. Brown rice contains less sugar and can also have a weight loss effect. . In terms of diet, you need to pay attention to some foods with high sugar content. It is best not to choose to drink some beverages, and do not choose to eat some cakes, and cream, which can easily lead to a rapid increase in sugar content. high, which has a direct impact on experience.

Everyone only needs to eat normal interest, the staple food, and it will not cause particularly great harm to our body. You can choose to eat some corn that is not particularly sweet, or you can choose to eat some purple potatoes. The sugar content of purple potatoes is less than that of sweet potatoes, so it is more suitable for people with high blood sugar. As long as you eat foods that are low in sugar, you can effectively protect your health.