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What things should not be eaten after eating radish

As the saying goes: “Eat radishes in winter and ginger in summer, you won’t need a doctor’s prescription”. Many people in the folk have developed the eating habit of eating radishes in winter. Until now, the health-preserving effects of radishes have gradually been discovered by people, and It is applied to daily life, learning that the ancients used radishes as a guest on the dining table in winter, and still maintained the habit of eating radishes. What things should not be eaten after eating radish

What things should not be eaten after eating radish
What things should not be eaten after eating radish

Little ginseng”. It can be seen that the health benefits of white radish can be comparable

White radish has the reputation of “little ginseng”. It can be seen that the health benefits of white radish can be comparable to that of ginseng. This statement is exaggerated, because radish is rich in vitamins and amylase. It has a variety of effects such as invigorating the spleen and appetizing, cooling blood and stopping bleeding.

Medicine believes that radish is cool and sweet, and it is a good food for phlegm and blood cooling. It has a place in traditional Chinese medicine and can assist in the treatment of various diseases. However, radish is not beneficial to the human body without harm, although it is delicious and has a health-preserving effect However, there are also many taboos in the process of eating. Once eaten i, it will not only fail to achieve the expected health care efficacy, but also harm the human thyroid health

What things should not be eaten after eating radish
What things should not be eaten after eating radish

Benefits of eating radishes to the human body?

  1. Enhance the body’s immune function: radish is rich in vitamin C and trace element zinc, which helps to enhance the body’s immune function and improve disease resistance;
  2. Help digestion: mustard oil in radish can promote gastrointestinal motility, increase appetite, and help digestion;
  3. Help the absorption of nutrients: the amylase in radish can decompose the starch and fat in the food, so that it can be fully absorbed;
  4. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer: Radish contains lignin, which can improve the vitality of macrophages and phagocytose cancer cells. In addition, a variety of enzymes contained in radish can decompose carcinogenic nitrosamines and have anti-cancer effects. Tell your family: Don’t touch 3 kinds of fruits after eating radish, or it may cause goiter, don’t be careless
  5. Oranges After radish enters the human body, it will be decomposed into “thiocyanate”, and the flavonoids in oranges will be converted into “hydrobenzoic acid” through the intestinal tract, which interacts with thiocyanate to synthesize Thiocyanic acid, or thyroid inhibitory effect, resulting in goiter. 2, bayberry Bayberry is a common fruit in life, and it is also a seasonal fruit in summer. It is sweet and sour, and has the effect of promoting body fluid and quenching thirst. There are also folk stories about bayberry in ancient history. Bayberry is rich in a variety of trace elements, but thousands of Do not eat with radishes. Because bayberry contains a lot of flavonoids, it is easy to react when eaten with radishes, hinder the normal secretion and storage of thyroid hormones, and lead to the appearance of thyroid nodules. People with thyroid nodules themselves may cause the disease to worsen.
  6. Apple Apple Apples are affordable, crispy and sweet in taste. They are affordable fruits that can be eaten all year round. There is a folk saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away from me”. Like radishes, it has a good health-preserving effect and can be used for health care. The body supplements the nutrients it needs, but apples cannot be eaten with radishes. After the natural plant pigments contained in apples meet the nutrients in radishes, they will be converted into certain components that inhibit the thyroid from absorbing nutrients, which will have a bad effect on thyroid diseases. Therefore, apples and radishes cannot be eaten together. When there is a problem with the thyroid gland, the body will have 5 kinds of reactions, don’t take it hard
  7. Weight loss If you lose weight inexplicably in a short period of time, you need to be alert to thyroid health problems. Generally, there may be obvious abnormal performance of weight loss after thyroid disease, especially if you suffer from hyperthyroidism, the patient’s sympathetic nerve becomes abnormally excited. The body’s metabolism speeds up and consumes more energy stored in the body, so it is easy to show weight loss, which may be very large in a short period of time. If you notice this abnormal phenomenon, you need to be highly alert to the occurrence of thyroid disease. Initiate treatment in a timely manner.
  8. Difficulty swallowing If dysphagia is abnormal in daily life, it is usually related to thyroid disease. The quality system of the thyroid part increases slowly and is compressed by the nerves of the surrounding tissues. Patients must pay attention when they have difficulty swallowing. Once it occurs, they need to be highly vigilant and go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time to rule out the possibility of thyroid problem.

Thyroid problems and symptoms

Excessive physical exhaustion After thyroid problems, patients will experience obvious fatigue, and the mental state of the whole person will deteriorate. These are also health problems of the thyroid gland. When the thyroid function is good, enough thyroid hormones can maintain normal physiological functions. Some people in this situation There is not enough thyroid hormone to maintain normal physiological function, and there is usually obvious fatigue feeling. These abnormal performances are thyroid diseases that need to be highly vigilant.

What things should not be eaten after eating radish
What things should not be eaten after eating radish

How to prevent thyroid disease in life

  1. Thyroid enlargement If you find that your thyroid gland feels hard and swollen in life, it is very likely that the thyroid function has begun to decline. When the thyroid changes, there may be local lumps, such as common thyroiditis and thyroid cancer. It is a local mass, so if you notice an abnormal mass in your thyroid, you need to be highly vigilant and start treatment for thyroid disease in a timely manner.
  2. Pain in the thyroid area The most obvious symptom of lesions in the thyroid is obvious pain in the thyroid, which is likely to be caused by local inflammation, such as thyroiditis and thyroid cancer, which may cause local pain. Therefore, if you find that you have pain in the thyroid, you need to pay great attention , It is necessary to start treatment at the first time to prevent local pain from persisting. Click on the applet to learn more about health and wellness guidelines Best health tea
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    How to prevent thyroid disease in life
  3. Strengthen physical exercise and enhance physical fitness Exercising in the sun and sweating more can excrete the acidic substances in the body with sweat and avoid the formation of an acidic constitution.
  4. Develop good living habits, quit smoking and limit alcohol Smoking, the World Health Organization predicts that if people stop smoking, after 5 years, the world’s cancer will be reduced by 1/3; secondly, do not drink alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol are extremely acidic substances. People who smoke and drink for a long time can easily lead to an acidic constitution.
  5. Work and rest time should be regular Young people face computers and mobile phones for a long time, office workers often work overtime and stay up late, and some people even live day and night upside down, and rest and sleep cannot be fully guaranteed. If things go on like this, the body will be overloaded, endocrine disorders will occur, and the impact on the thyroid gland will also be very serious. big. Do you like to eat white radish? What foods do you think white radish cannot be eaten with? Feel free to leave a comment below. great

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