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What is calcium Why is it important for the body, High Calcium Foods

Calcium is a very important element in the body. The number of cells dividing and multiplying gradually increases, and the function of single cells gradually changes, all of which require the participation of calcium. Calcium enters cells, emits radio waves and spreads all over the body’s nerve fibers, forming human intelligence. The input of network information can only be transmitted to all parts of the body through the activity of calcium.At the cellular level, calcium acts as a coupling factor between nerve and muscle excitation-contraction, promotes the release of neural mediators and a regulator of hormone secretion from endocrine and endocrine glands, conducts nerve impulses, and maintains heartbeat rhythm. What is calcium Why is it important for the body

Calcium also has a sedative effect. When the calcium concentration in body fluids decreases, the excitability of nerves and muscles increases, and the muscles experience spontaneous contractions, and convulsions occur in severe cases. When the calcium concentration in body fluids increases, the excitability of nerves and muscles is inhibited.

What is calcium Why is it important for body
What is calcium Why is it important for body

Calcium can promote the activities of a variety of enzymes in the body, and is a variety of enzyme activators, such as lipase, amylase, etc., which are regulated by calcium ions. When there is a lack of calcium in the body, protein, fat and carbohydrates cannot be fully utilized, resulting in malnutrition, anorexia, constipation, and growth retardation.

1. How calcium works in the body before 20year of men and women

Generally speaking, regardless of male or female, before the age of 20 is the stage of bone growth. At this stage, the human body can obtain more than 90% of the bone mass. In the following 10 years, the bones will no longer grow vertically, but the bone mass is still there. Slowly increase to around the age of 35, the bone mass per unit volume of the whole body skeleton peaks. So take calcium supplements before the age of 20, especially in childhood.

2. It is necessary to calcium supplement after age 40

From the age of 40 to 45, the bones enter the aging period, and the bone mass decreases with age. At this time, osteoporosis is most likely to occur, especially when female friends begin to enter the menopause. Osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency will bring about There are many problems, so calcium must be supplemented during this period.

In normal times, in addition to taking calcium tablets to supplement calcium, you can also supplement calcium by eating some foods with high calcium content. Some people say that the calcium content of small shrimp is relatively high, and you can eat more small shrimp in normal times, but some people say that Eating shrimp skin does not provide calcium.

3. Eating shrimp skin can not supplement calcium?

Eating shrimp skin can not supplement calcium?
It is undeniable that shrimp skin does contain more calcium, but we also need to pay attention to the low absorption rate of calcium in shrimp skin, especially the salt content of shrimp skin. If you eat a lot of shrimp skin at ordinary times, it will lead to sodium and potassium. Imbalance, resulting in more severe calcium loss.

4. These kinds of foods have high Calcium

A. Tofu

There are many people who like to eat tofu at ordinary times. The raw material of tofu is soybean and belongs to soy products. In the process of making tofu, some coagulating substances such as gypsum and brine need to be added. In addition, soybean itself has a certain calcium content. The calcium content of the tofu will be higher, so if you want to supplement calcium, you might as well eat more tofu at ordinary times.

B. Green leafy vegetables

Many people think that the calcium content of green leafy vegetables is not high. In fact, on the contrary, the lettuce, cabbage, and spinach we often eat contain different levels of calcium. If you eat these green leafy vegetables regularly, you can not only supplement Calcium and various vitamins can also be added.

High Calcium Foods
High Calcium Foods

C. Dairy products

The calcium content of dairy products is relatively high, and the absorption rate is relatively high. It is the best source of calcium supplementation. Milk contains zinc, protein and iron. Usually, you can drink more milk before going to bed, which can achieve good results. calcium supplementation effect.

High Calcium Foods
High Calcium Foods

D. Nuts

The various nut foods we often eat, such as melon seeds, peanuts, etc., contain a lot of calcium, and also contain a lot of vitamins and dietary fiber. They are also a very boring snack, but I eat more melon seeds. It is easy to get angry and even have oral ulcers. When you eat these nuts, you must strictly control the quantity.

High Calcium Foods
High Calcium Foods

Spring is the golden period of calcium supplementation. In addition to eating more high-calcium foods, you should also get more sunlight, which can promote the absorption of calcium. If you want healthier bones, you should also exercise properly to prevent bone diseases.

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