What preparation should be done before delivery

What preparation should be done before delivery

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Sanitary napkins for mothers, toilet paper for mothers, two waterproof pillows and a disposable underwear sino. A breast pump and a box of spill-proof gum. Moon hat, moon shoes, moon clothes. some straws. I see myself from this stage. I summed up the following points: 1. Packaging is required; two small clothes, enough for changing and washing, not much; milk powder and milk bottle. What preparation should be done before delivery

Because when the mother just gave birth and the milk has not come down, she must drink milk powder ; We should consider the large number of medical patients before we go to the hospital. Usually there is no special relationship. It is almost impossible to live in a ward. There are two, three or four pregnant women in a room. Not to mention, all activities are limited in scope.

What preparation should be done before delivery
What preparation should be done before delivery

What things do pregnant women need after delivery?

Pregnant women need to prepare one or two sets of clean, loose clothes for changing and washing after giving birth.    While some hospitals require patient clothing, it’s also good to have one or two discharge clothing available. You should buy bottles, diapers, formula, baby towels, blankets and maternity pads. If you don’t buy it, the doctor will let you buy it. These things near the hospital are expensive. You can only bring a maximum of two sets of pajamas and underwear.

  • You should buy large size mothers for sanitary pads: loose cotton clothes, panties, slippers, towels (for face and body), bathroom pads with high suction, puerperium tampons, sanitary pads, anti-flow breast pump, Breast pump and belly strap.
  • Don’t buy a bunch of SACO products. Many are chicken chops! Pregnant women bring toiletries and daily necessities, and prepare two or three sets of pajamas, slippers, socks, maternity supplies and paper!
  • Take a bath and shampoo before your baby is born, because you can’ t take a bath and shampoo for more than 30 days, that’s the old rule.
  • Then go to the hospital and bring four allantois in smaller diapers. The baby then needs two towels, a basin for washing his face and feet, and his own towel and basin.
What preparation should be done before delivery
What preparation should be done before delivery


Delivery packages need to be prepared in advance. It’s best to make a shopping list in July and pack it. Clothes like baby clothes, quilts, towels, hats, etc., should be washed and dried before baby use. New mothers need to prepare : nursing underwear, disposable underwear, abdominal belt, moon shoes, moon cap, moon socks, toothbrush moon, toothpaste, BMW towel, moon paper, nurse towel, maternity size towel, water coconut, straw, flood control pad

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