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What causes yellow stains in my underwear

yellow stains in my underwear
yellow stains in my underwear

Introduction: Underpants are worn by both men and women, especially female friends. Underpants can reflect the health of the vagina. Many women find that underpants will turn yellow after wearing them for a period of time, which makes them wonder. I obviously wash my underwear every day, why is the middle of the underwear still yellow and hard? Those who are not sure may wish to take a look. Women wash their underwear every day, why are they still yellow and hard in the middle? The doctor will explain to you all at once
Menstrual blood. What causes yellow stains in my underwear.

What causes yellow stains in my underwear

yellow stains in my underwear
yellow stains in my underwear

Yellow stains on my underwear female

After entering puberty, women will patronize the eldest aunt once every month, and the cycle time is about 28 days. After the age of 18, the menstrual cycle of women is stable.

However, some women who are screaming often forget the date of their menstruation last month. If you don’t prepare sanitary napkins in advance, it is easy to get menstrual blood on your underwear. Even if it is washed immediately, it cannot completely clean the menstrual blood on the underwear.

yellow stains in my underwear
yellow stains in my underwear

Yellow stain on panty

If the blood and air undergo an oxidation reaction, the underwear will appear yellow and hard. Gynecological diseases are believed to be something that every woman does not want to face, and it makes many women feel distressed. If a woman suffers from gynecological inflammation, secretions are constantly discharged from the private parts every day, and the color of the secretions is yellow.

Over time, if the underwear is not replaced regularly because of savings, it is easy to cause the underwear to turn yellow and hard. Therefore, for female friends who suffer from gynecological inflammation, it is necessary to do active conditioning and treatment. Residual urine or feces. What causes yellow stains in my underwear is read in detail below down.

Yellow stains on underwear

Defecation and urination are normal life activities carried out by the body every day, and these two processes are also normal detoxification phenomena of the body.

If you don’t pay attention when going to the toilet, it is easy to cause some urine or feces to remain on your underwear. Diabetic stool contains a certain amount of urea and bacteria.

Over time, the bacteria remaining on the inside will cause the underwear to become yellow and hard. Even if these bacteria are not harmful to the body, you still need to develop the habit of washing and changing underwear regularly. The material of the pants is not good

Is yellow stain on underwear normal

Although you are not willing to buy things at an expensive price, it will be very comfortable to use. If you buy cheap things, it’s refreshing, but you feel sad when you use it.

yellow stains in my underwear
yellow stains in my underwear

Especially for women’s underwear, nylon underwear has poor sweat absorption capacity, is not breathable, and has low light resistance. After long-term exposure to sunlight, it is easy to yellow and age, and become yellow and hard.

Therefore, I tell female friends here, don’t ignore the health problems in the private parts for the sake of thrift. 02The correct washing techniques for women’s underwear

Change every day, don’t accumulate

Underwear should be cleaned every day. If the changed underpants are not cleaned immediately, it is easy to cause secretions on the underpants and breed a lot of bacteria under suitable conditions.

The longer the cleaning work becomes, the more difficult it becomes. Experts suggest that it is best to choose cotton-quality underwear and to change it on the same day and wash it on the same day. Special basin for washing underwear

Underwear stained yellow

As a kind of close-fitting clothing, underwear must be cleaned in a special basin. The material of the basin should be a ceramic basin or stainless steel basin as much as possible.

For those cheap and inferior plastic basins, a toxic substance will be emitted when encountering warm water. At the same time, do not use it with foot washing or utensils containing clothes, otherwise, it is easy to spread bacteria. Rinse off

In the cleaning process, don’t just sloppy. After everything is clean, be sure to rinse thoroughly under running water so that the soap bubbles are cleaned.

The female vagina is acidic, and the secretions are also acidic. Soap is alkaline. If the acid and alkali meet during washing, it is easy to generate salt. If it is not rinsed, it will cause the underwear to turn yellow and hard over time, which is not good for the health of the private parts. . Generally speaking, after using for about half a year, it is easy to be contaminated with bacteria and harmful substances. If it is not replaced in time, it will affect the health of the vagina. In addition, for underwear that has turned yellow, it should be thrown away in time and replaced with new underwear. .

Yellow stains on my underwear male

Even if you have the habit of washing your underwear every day, if the underwear turns yellow, it means that the residue has not been washed away. If you continue to wear it, it will induce inflammation, which is not good for your health. Read more on Difference between 25 days and 35 days menstrual period. What causes yellow stains in my underwear.