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The Birth 10000 BC Best Survival Indian Upcoming movies

The Birth 10000 BC release date
The Birth 10000 BC release date

After seeing this movie we can say that there is also the end start of the Hollywood movies in India. Now, these days Kannada film industry is releasing every month two or three films. But this time is a very different now south Indian film also start to release the science fiction movie. If that movie will hit India that we can say here is the end of the Hollywood film. We know that in India no makers are making science fiction movies. But this time is very demand for science fiction movies in India. So now some makers of the south film industry started making science fiction films. The Birth 10000 BC is the starting of science fiction.

And this thing is very good for that audience who like to watch science fiction movies. Recently two top science fiction upcoming movies trailer and teaser already released. The first movie Kaadumale and that movie are also related to time travel and best survival movie. But The Birth 10000 BC is the best survival upcoming Indian film. In this film, we will see a full documentary of human life. How the first birth of the earth survives. All facts of human ancient life we can say that where the start humanity. The first person of the earth.

The Birth 10000 BC

The Birth 10000 BC official Trailer.

The birth 10000 bc if you see the trailer of this film. So at first sight you will not feel it. This film is coming from the Kannada film industry. Even in the Indian film industry, such a film is seen in very few places. This kind of making, this kind of art designing, this type of cinematography is rarely seen. And all the things we get to see in the trailer. It’s very impressive. Actually, this trailer is quite good. If any of you watch it, you’ll love it too. Where if we talk about this trailer. We are going to see this film. How did humanity start here we will see everything.

In the trailer, you see a man living in a forest without knowing anything. That man presents the first man of the earth. We will see how he will survive and save the future of humanity. The Birth1000 BC in this film show the ancient life of human also called the first man born on Earth. How he survives everything about the first human on earth. This movie theme is based on a survival movie. In this film, we will see the reality of Human life at birth first.

The first human birth in the earth how he will survive himself in alone in forest. The trailer will show you everything as you can guess this is best movie to watch after a long time. Here also the end of Hollywood in India. You see a man in forest where he is alone and he don’t know anything even don’t know what to eat. But after time passed he get teach himself to survive. And that is the beginning of the human life.

Movie in detail

How did humanity start, How did man slowly learn to live? How did you try to understand nature? Somewhere or the other, we are going to see all those things in this film. If you look inside the trailer, then the character which is in the trailer is quite a lot. He is smelling things here. He is learning to do things. You will also get to see all those things here. And at the same time, the technical things we get to see at the same time were also quite impressive. First of all, we will talk about the locations of cinematography that have been selected.

The camera angle with which this film has been shot. And the shots that have been put in the trailers are really very good. The visuals that have been taken and those visuals with the sound effect and background music are given here. He is making this teaser very unique. The way editing is done makes it a perfect film. The locations that have also been selected are very good and looking at this location, seeing these things, you will feel that these things have been set very well.

In this movie the scenes of the film and music, everything is outstanding. We can say that there is no difference between Hollywood and South Indian movies. After watching the film scenes background music everything is outstanding. The forest scene of the movie and VFX work is really very great. When this film will release we can say that this film will super hit India. This the first Indian film based on ancient human life and science fiction.

The Birth 10000 BC cast and crew in detail

Movie Name The Birth 10000 BC
Produce By Pradeep Jain
Directed ByDr. Vikram
Lead RolePratap Rana
Production CompanySri Vinayaka Maruthi creations and Laksshya production
Release languageKannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, English
Main LanguageKannada
Release date 2021
Written ByTBA
The Birth 10000 BC all cast and crew

The Birth 10000 BC Direct by Dr. Vikram and produce by Pradeep Jain. This film is a PAN India film it means release in multiple languages like Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, and English. The release date of the film The Birth 10000 BC is 2021. The release date is not confirmed and delay because of coronavirus. We will provide you all information related to the film on

Pratap Rana is leading the main role in this film. His acting and performance are super and awesome. The role of this film is very hard but Rana Pratap does it very well. Forest life and hunting all scene is super. You already saw it in the trailer. Watch the trailer and you will feel like you are watching a Hollywood movie. After watching the film The Birth 10000 BC beat the many movies in the Indian film industry.

This film can release in this year, it was going to release last month but many movies date is postponed. Due to coronavirus, this movie is also not able to release on the selected date. The makers will officially announce the release date of the film soon. Caus trailer of this film is already released.