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Sridevi Soda Center Movie Hindi Dubbed Release Date Update

Sridevi Soda Center Movie Hindi Dubbed
Sridevi Soda Center Movie Hindi Dubbed

Sridevi Soda Center Movie is a love story action drama movie. Yes, Sridevi Soda Center is a love story movie where we will see a love scene between Sudheer Babu and Anandhi. So this movie will be full of love stories with action drama scenes. After many days here a good love story, the movie is coming. The trailer of the movie has been already released and is loved by the audience. The trailer of the movie was released on 19 August in the afternoon. Its good and the Hindi audience wants Sridevi Soda Center Movie Hindi Dubbed. The movie story will be very different than other love story movies.

Sudheer Babu mostly all of the films are super hit because of his acting and talent. Mostly films of Sudheer Babu is a love story films and all films are blockbuster. As we can say that Sudheer Babu is the king of love story movies. His many love story movie was super hit on the box office. Now his new upcoming love story movie name is called Sridevi Soda Center. This movie is full of action and love story movies. Sridevi Soda Center movie will release on 27 August 2021.

Sridevi Soda Center Movie Cast And Crew

MovieSridevi Soda Center
CastSudheer Babu, Anandhi
DirectorKaruna Kumar
ProducerVijay Chilla, Shashi Devireddy
Production Companies70mm Entertainments
WriterNagendra Kasi
Release Language Telugu
Hindi Release DateOctober
Release Date27 August 2021
Budget40 to 50 crores
Sridevi Soda Center Movie Cast And Crew
  • Sudheer Babu Playing a role  as Soori Babu
  • Anandhi Playing a role as Sodaala Sridevi
  • Naresh Playing the role as father of Sridevi
  • Satyam Rajes

Sridevi Soda Center Movie Storyline

Sridevi Soda center is a love story movie. The Story Starts with Soori babu is a simple guy who does not from that place. That means we can say that he does not have parents. In this story, Soori Babu is a worker of a gangster as the right hand. But the beginning of the story starts when Soori Babu sees Sodaala Sridevi. As all of the love story, he falls in love with her for the first time. But the main villain of the movie is also liked, Sridevi. The main problem of the love story between them, because they are not the same community or we can say the same cast.

The father of the Sodaala Sridevi did not agree to marry him. And he told to her daughter to stay away from him. When Sodaala Sridevi doesn’t follow her dad then her dad asks some to kill the Soori Babu. Her father decided to marry her to a famous person in that area or we can even say that villain of the movie. That guy wants to stay away from Soori Babu to Sodaala Sridevi but he did not do that. He tried to kill the Soori Babu but here Soori Babu killed him and was sent to prison. This is the short story of Soori Babu love you will watch on 27 August.

Sridevi Soda Center Movie Hindi Dubbed

Sridevi Soda Center Movie Hindi Dubbed release date will be in October. All of the films of Sudheer Babu were released in Hindi dubbed too. So this film will also release in Hindi dubbed. Because of a lot of Hindi audience like Sudheer Babu movie. The expected Hindi dubbed release date may be in October of this month. We will provide you all information related to this movie and the upcoming Hindi dubbed movie on

Sridevi Soda Center Movie Trailer