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Boomika Movie Hindi Dubbed Release Date Updates

Boomika Movie Hindi Dubbed
Boomika Movie Hindi Dubbed

If you were waiting to watch the Boomika movie dubbed then it’s good news for you. Yes, the new updates coming about the Boomika movie dubbed release date. Boomika movie is a horror-thriller movie. If you like to watch horror thriller movies then this will be the best option. Boomika movie will release in Telugu, Hindi on Netflix on 23 August. Yes, the release date is confirmed and this movie will release on Netflix. Netflix release this movie in Hindi dubbed too as their dubbed. Yes, Netflix said that they will dub in Hindi and release it. Boomika movie Hindi dubbed.

Now it’s good news for the Hindi audience cause Netflix will dub all South Indian movies which release on Netflix. They will dub and released in Hindi languages too. If that will really happen then Netflix will increase more audience in the Network. Many South Indian films are not released in dubbed Hindi. If Netflix will buy the rights of the film then they will dub at their own studio and released it in the Hindi language too. Boomika movie Hindi dubbed release date is 23 August 2021.

This movie is a horror-thriller movie with lady action scenes. It also includes the best storyline where a lady will seem to fight for her family. This is full of horror-thriller scenes where you will see the best shooting locations. And it will give you goosebumps. The shooting location and the graphics of the film are best and it’s a good watchable movie in Horror Thriller.

Boomika Movie Cast And Crew

CastAishwarya Rajesh, Vidhu, Pavel
DirectorRathindram R. prasad
ProducerKaarthekeyen Santhanam, Sudhan Sundaram, Jayaram
WriterRathindram R. prasad
Release LangaugeHindi, Tamil, Telugu
Release PlatformNetflix
Release Date23 August 2021
Boomika Movie Cast And Crew

More about this movie

This movie direct by Rathindram R. prasad. Aishwarya Rajesh is playing the main lead role. Vidhu and Pavel playing the side role in this film. This movie is horror thriller films so fest cast in this films. Horror films or include only 4 or 7 casts. After seeing the trailer it’s the best movie to watch as horror. Shooting location scenes everything is super.

Boomika Movie Hindi Dubbed

If you want to watch Boomika movie in Hindi dubbed then you can watch it on Netflix on 23 August. Yes, the movie will release on 23 August in languages like Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi. Read more updates about upcoming movies on

Boomika Movie Trailer