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RRR, KGF 2, and Pushpa new release date

Pushpa release date postpone
RRR Release Date Postpone

Due to coronavirus, many movies’ film dates postponed because big films cant be release on OTT platforms. KGF 2, RRR, and Pushpa is the most awaited South Indian film. These three big films or PAN India films. Its means these films will release in multiple languages or more than four or five languages. But this film’s date is postponed because this time in India has a lockdown to stop spreading corona. Theater and multiplex are almost close only OTT platforms are a good option for releasing the films. But big films cant able do business through OTT platforms, that why makers have postponed the release date.

Here the list of the top PAN India film will not release in their given date. Postponed because of coronavirus, this time situation of India is nit good and corona cases increasing very fast. And the government decided to start lockdown again, so film industries also facing a lot of oof loss. Low-budget films are already released on OTT platforms only, Only big-budget films are facing a problem to release their film. No one will go to watch the film in corona time, public fear too much and government also don’t allow it. So the big filmmakers decided to postpone the release date of the film.

  • KGF Chapter 2
  • RRR
  • Pushpa

These Pan India film’s release dates being postponed. These films are the most awaited film in India. The craze of this film in India too much, fans are very excited to watch the films. But due to corona, these movies are still pending. This is not an official announcement but this news is true as watching the situation of the country. Read More

New Release date of the films

Here new release date of the films as other sources find the release date of the films. KGF Chapte 2, RRR and Pushpa new release date. And in detail storyline and cast, budget of the films.

KGF Chapter 2 new release date

This film can be released between October to January months but it’s not an official announcement but it’s will. KGF chapter2 release date was on 16 July but it’s postponed due to corona. Makers cant release this film on OTT platforms because the KGF chapter 2 is the most awaited film of India. We can say that KGF chapter 2 is the rank in the first most awaited film of 2021. But KGF Chapter 2 already in profit through the Rights of the films. Makers sold the rights of the film in very high pieces after seen the craze of the films. The teaser crossed over 180 million views on YouTube so the demand for this movie is very high.

Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani Excel Entertainment have bought Hindi rights in 90 crores. The rights of the first part of the KGF film were purchased by the same company, but that for Hindi rights Farhan Akhtar did not have to pay such a huge amount. But this time, the craze of the KGF chapter 2 has been bought at such a large price. So we can say that KGF Chapter is already in profit before the release. Read here more KGF Chapter 2 will not release on 16 July

RRR new release date

RRR film release date on 13 October 2021 but it may be postponed. This film is on the list of the big movie in India. It’s direct by SS Rajamouli that why this film is very popular. RRR Rise Roar Revolt whose discussion seems in the heart of fans the whole year. This film has two superstars Ramcharan Teja and Junior NTR, making it very special. Also two big Bollywood stars in this film Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgan. Through this film, Alia Bhatt is debut in the south film industry. RRR is her first film in the south industry. Due to corona also news coming her this film will not release on their given date too.

This film has also earned a lot before the release. A few days ago news was coming about this film has been earned 900 crores before the release. Hindi rights of this film have been sold in 140 crores to Jayantilal Gada. In 570 crores world theatrical rights have been sold. As we can say that this film has already done good business before the release. Read more about RRR RRR Earn 900 Crore Before Release.

Pushpa new release date

Film Pushpa is the most awaited film of Stylish Star Allu Arjun. This film was going to release in the theater on 13 August but its date postponed too. This film will not release in 2021 its can be released in 2022 January. this is not an official announcement but much news coming about the release date of this film. If corona cases will be reduced in the next two months then this film will release in 2021. We will provide you all information related to films. Read the full story of Pushpa Read the full story of Allu Arjun film Pushpa.