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Pina Di Blasi Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Birthplace, Networth, Instagram, Wikipedia

Pina Di Blasi Biography
Pina Di Blasi Biography

Pina Di Blasi BIOGRAPHY Pina Di Blasi co-stars in the upcoming film LET THE GAME BEGIN. Pina plays ‘Tiger Lily’ opposite Adam Rodriguez (CSI Miami), Thomas Ian Nichols (American Pie), and Michael Madsen in the comedy that tells a story about the modern-day hunters and gatherers- where men are hunting for women, and women are gathering gold. LET THE GAME BEGIN comes from first-time writer and director Amit Gupta. The film also stars Stephen Baldwin and Natasha Henstridge.

Name Pina Di Blasi
22 December 1977
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Height 160 CM
Nationality Canadian
Networth $5 M
Pina Di Blasi

Pina Di Blasi Movies List

Year Title Role
2021 Single All The Way Spinning girl
Pina Di Blasi Movies List

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