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Kuruthi Movie Hindi Dubbed Release Date Update

Kuruthi Movie Hindi Dubbed
Kuruthi Movie Hindi Dubbed

Finally, the Kuruthi movie was released on Amazon Prime Video. This film is full of action crime thriller movies. The scene of the films are very awesome and the cast and roles are super fantastic. If you love to watch crime-action thriller movies. Then Kuruthi is the best option for you. In this movie, you will see a lot of characters with their specials roles. Every character roles are very super and fine. As the way of writing the film and the story makes you engaging. This film makes you totally engage until the endpoint of the movie. Kuruthi Movie Hindi Dubbed release date read below down.

The story of the movie is where a police inspector tries to find a murder. Some people help them to solve the case but some do not. In this movie, we will see hate and love between two religions like Hindu and Muslim. We can say that in Kuruthi Movie you will see the real hate world. How people hate each other in the real world. That, why the movie is best because everything you will see its, make you feel real.

Kuruthi Movie Hindi Dubbed Release Date

Cast Prithviraj Sukumaran
DirectorMannu Warrier
ProducerSupriya Menon
WriterAnish Pallyal
Production CompaniesPrithvi Productions
Release PlatformAmazon Prime Video
Main Language Malayalam
Hindi Release DateSeptember or October
Release Date11 August 2021
Running Time122 Minutes
Kuruthi Movie Cast and Crew

Kuruthi movie cast and roles

  • Prithviraj Sukumaran playing a role as Laiq
  • Roshan Mathew Playing a role as Ibrahim aka Ibru
  • Mamukkoya playying a role as Moosa Khader
  • Murali Gopy playing a role as SI Sathyan
  • Shine Tom Chacko playing a role as Kareem aka Kammu
  • Srindaa playing a role as Sumathi aka Suma
  • Navas Vallikunnu playing a role as Umar
  • Naslen K. Gafoor playing a role as Rasool
  • Sagar Surya playing a role as Vishnu

This movie cast is long and it makes the best watchable crime thriller movie. All cast and roles are super and very fine. They will seem real not as like acting. You will feel like you are watching a real story.

Kuruthi Movie Hindi Dubbed

Kuruthi movie Hindi dubbed release date in September or October. Because the movie is quite good so the director will release this film in Hindi dubbed too. Maybe this movie will release in Hindi dubbed next month or after next month. This is not an official announcement but we will provide you all information related to Hindi dubbed movies on