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Honor 60 Pro Release Date, Price, Full Specification, In Detail

Model Honor 60 Pro
Release Date Expect in March 2022
Starting Price $ 580
Honor 60 Pro Release Date
Honor 60 Pro Release Date
Honor 60 Pro Release Date

Since the release of the Honor 50 series, Honor’s market share has quickly recovered, and it is close to the previous shipments at Huawei. After Honor is independent of Huawei, it is determined to take the high-end route. Honor CEO Zhao Ming also stated that the Magic series will surpass Huawei in the future. The goal of the Mate series is that the Honor Magic series takes the ultra-high-end route. The price is not cheap. The cheaper price is the Honor Digital series, and the shipment is also the largest series. Honor 60 Pro Release Date.

The Honor 50 series can be described as a complete victory. Now many netizens are looking forward to the Honor 60 series again. Honor has set a file on December 1 as the release date of the Honor 60 series. At present, the appearance and configuration of the Honor 60 Pro are basically fully exposed. Let’s take a look at this product below.

Honor 60 Pro Exterior Design

Honor 60 Pro photo
Honor 60 Pro photo

The back design of the Honor 60 Pro is similar to the Honor 50 Pro and Huawei P50 Pro. Both adopt the Vientiane dual-ring design, but the two rings of the Honor 50 are not the same. The upper camera is wrapped in a metal outer color, and the lower ring is not. The double rings of the 60 Pro are wrapped by a metal outer ring, forming a symmetrical beauty. In fact, the two rings of the Huawei P50 Pro are also the same. In addition, Honor 60 Pro’s star diamond color scheme is richer, with a color scheme that is biased towards orange and a color scheme that is biased towards blue. After adding the star diamond, there is a crystal clear feeling that female users will definitely like.

The front of the machine is designed with a centered single-hole curved screen, which is different from the double-perforated screen on the left side of the Honor 50 Pro. Looking at the exposed pictures, the frame and chin of the Honor 60 Pro are very small, and the appearance is very high. I believe many users will definitely like it.

Honor 60 pro hardware confifuration

According to the exposure, the Honor 60 Pro is equipped with the Snapdragon 778G+ chip. The running score of this chip has been exposed. In GeekBench, the single-core running score reached 816 points and the multi-core running score was 2971 points. Equipped with 12GB of storage, it is still uncertain whether to use LPDDR5 memory, but UFS3.1 flash memory should be used.

Everyone may feel regret that there is no Snapdragon 870 or Snapdragon 888. In fact, it depends on personal use. The performance of Snapdragon 870 and Snapdragon 888 is definitely better. The experience of playing games such as “Peace Elite” and “Original God” will be even better. Good, but the power consumption is relatively higher, and daily use may not be much better than the Snapdragon 778G+.

Because I am also using Honor 50. This phone is equipped with Snapdragon 778G. I don’t usually play large-scale 3D games such as “Original God” and “Peace Elite”. I just play “Honor of Kings”. I think the Honor 50 is enough. The Snapdragon 778G is not very hot, and the power consumption is indeed very good. It is better than some Snapdragon 870 and Snapdragon 888 phones in daily use because I pay more attention to battery life. Although the battery capacity of Honor 50 is not large, it is very Durable, which I am quite satisfied with.

Honor 60 Pro
Honor 60 Pro photo

Honor 60 Pro full specification

Therefore, this time the Honor 60 Pro is equipped with the Snapdragon 778G+ chip. The performance may be improved compared to the Snapdragon 778G. However, the improvement will not be particularly large. The main improvement should be to take pictures, especially selfies. This phone is biased towards female users. You can see the color of the main star diamond.

According to the exposure, the Honor 60 Pro has a 100-megapixel main camera on the rear but is equipped with a 50-megapixel selfie camera on the front. It is a super selfie phone that focuses on VLOG. These VLOG bloggers are really blessed.

As for battery life, it is reported that the Honor 60 Pro is the main battery life this time. It is equipped with a 5300mAh super-capacity battery and supports 66W flash charging; if this is the case, it is completely different from the Honor 50 Pro. The Honor 50 Pro is equipped with a 4000mAh battery and supports 100W flash charging. In fact, if the Honor 60 Pro uses a super-capacity battery, it is destined to not have a fast charge of 100W. If it is a 5300mAh+66W combination, it is also good because the battery life must be very powerful. Everyone has seen that the charging speed of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is sufficient. Is it slow? But the battery life experience is very good. It is praised by many netizens. I would rather have a stronger battery life than a faster-charging speed!

Honor 60 Pro Price

Honor 60 Pro
Honor 60 Pro

In addition, the price of the Honor 60 Pro will not be too high. It is expected to be the same as Honor 50 Pro. The starting price of 580$ is more reasonable. Although the camera configuration has been improved, the cost of fast charging is also lower, and the performance improvement will not be obvious. NS?

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