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During weight loss, what staple foods and meat foods should you eat without worrying about gaining weight


The staple food can choose some crude fiber foods, such as corn, sweet potatoes, and potatoes. You can also eat some coarse grains such as barley porridge and sorghum rice porridge. These foods are rich in dietary fiber and minerals, which can increase gastrointestinal motility, promote digestion, and dissolve fat, and also have a certain role in promoting obesity. During weight loss

It should be noted that you should try to avoid eating pasta, such as steamed bread, noodles, dumplings, bread and other staple foods with high starch content. Such staple foods are high in sugar and calories, which can easily lead to obesity. During weight loss, eat more vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C, such as apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc., which have certain weight loss functions.

During weight loss
During weight loss

A. Diet and exercise

Losing weight is mainly about controlling diet and exercise. In the morning, so we can eat: eat an egg and a bag of milk, or soy milk and eggs, eat fruit before 10 am, eat two, in moderation, tomatoes or best pears, oranges, not too much sugar content, noon . Don’t eat fatty meat, eat lean beef or chicken without chicken skin, eat more vegetables, rapeseed or Chinese cabbage is relatively quick to lose weight, other slow ones are best not to rinse and eat, it will also gain weight, usually don’t eat sweet, at night : Eat a cucumber, go out for a walk for an hour, and guarantee weight loss.

B. Pay attention

In the process of losing weight, pay more attention to “energy”. The energy content of vegetables is much lower than that of cereals, fruits, fish, eggs, lean meat and other foods; for dieters, it is necessary to increase the intake of vegetables; the energy provided by vegetables Substances are basically below 30 kcal per 100 grams. It is recommended that the daily consumption should reach 450-600 grams, preferably 200 grams per meal.

C. Green vegetables

Among all kinds of vegetables, it is recommended to prefer dark vegetables, especially dark green vegetables, mainly melons, solanaceous vegetables, leafy vegetables and fungi and algae foods. Among them, foods such as lettuce, rapeseed, purple cabbage, amaranth, spinach, chrysanthemum, cucumber, wax gourd, zucchini, fungus, eggplant, mushrooms, etc.; among fresh beans, snow peas and mung bean sprouts are good choices; pumpkin and cauliflower are good choices choose. In the process of weight loss, it is also necessary to ensure the intake of protein, and the principle of choice is “low-fat food”.

D. Which high-protein foods are low-fat?  

During weight loss
During weight loss

Among them, it is recommended to eat lean meat, skinless poultry, tofu, sugar-free yogurt, tofu skin, pure milk, fish and shrimp, and eggs. It is recommended that dieters eat 80-150 grams of meat per day. Poultry, fish and shrimp should be prioritized in meat selection. The high content of saturated fatty acids in animal meat is not conducive to the health of modern people.


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