Does hair dye increase risk of cancer

Does hair dye increase risk of cancer, Can you get cancer from dying your hair, Hair dye and breast cancer risk

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Today, hair dyeing has become a very common thing. For middle-aged and elderly people, they dye their hair more to cover up the white hair that grows. For young men and women, it is to pursue fashion and beauty. Although everyone has the love of beauty, this is a normal physiological phenomenon, but on this road, I hope everyone can maintain a sense of reason, and must do it on the premise of ensuring health, otherwise, it will easily lead to the consequences of not worth the loss. Does hair dye increase risk of cancer

Does hair dye increase risk of cancer
Does hair dye increase risk of cancer

Now there is a saying on the Internet that many netizens are scrambling to discuss: Frequent hair dyeing will lead to the risk of cancer!

1. Frequent “dyeing” can cause cancer, is it true or false? Announcement of research results

The University of North Carolina and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences have made a special research report on hair coloring and cancer.

Does hair dye increase risk of cancer
Does hair dye increase risk of cancer

In their survey, 50,000 women were mainly selected. These women came from different age groups and different races. They conducted a follow-up survey for up to 8 years. During the period, the number of hair dyes was also counted. The results found: long-term hair dyeing Nearly 2,000 women in 2000 developed breast cancer, and women who frequently colored their hair had about a 28 percent higher risk of breast cancer than women who didn’t.

Hair dyes contain pigments, heavy metals, phenylenediamines, aminophenols, active agents, oxidants and other chemical substances. If these chemical ingredients are frequently accumulated on the scalp, the damage to skin health will be immeasurable and even easily induced. skin cancer.

2. According to different situations, international organizations have divided hair dyes:

1: For those who dye their hair every day, hair dye is listed as a Class 2A carcinogen;

2: When the frequency of hair dyeing is relatively low, hair dyes are classified as Class 3 carcinogens.

Can you get cancer from dying your hair
Can you get cancer from dying your hair

3. Does dyeing your hair once will increase the risk of cancer?

Of course, there are not only chemical substances in hair dyes, but also a variety of natural substances. If you want to cause cancer, you need to reach a certain amount of carcinogens. As we all know, talking about toxicity aside from the dose is a hooligan, and the cause of cancer is very Complexity cannot be determined by a single factor.

Generally speaking, if the content of phenylenediamine in the hair dye does not exceed 6%, it meets the national standard and is also a safe hair dye, which will not bring too much danger to the body.

Of course, you also need to pay attention not to dye your hair too frequently, not more than twice a year, and at least three months after one hair dye, before the next time. Don’t try to be cheap. Before dyeing your hair, you need to test whether you are allergic to hair dyes. If you have high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease and other diseases, don’t dye your hair. After all, beauty is temporary, and health is permanent.

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