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Allu Arjun and Vijay Thalapathy 66 upcoming film

Vijay Thalapathy 66
66 movie release date

First of all from the well-known producer of Tollywood Diljrau. You must have seen some time that Dilraju has been one of the most successful producers. Not only in Tollywood but also in South film Industry he is the best producer this time. And now he is going to produce some Bollywood films in the coming time. Which are top Tollywood films whose remake is going to make in Bollywood. Also, Allu Arjun upcoming film read below down.

Dilraju is going to produce some produce film in the Bollywood industry too. So soon he will also see producing Bollywood films. Here the two top news coming about Dilraju is going on in a lot of discussions. And this two news is almost confirmed. These two news is making a lot of buzz between Fans.

Two Top News ABout Dilraju

And these two news are almost confirmed just an official announcement needed. The rest of this combination is going to seen soon. So Dilraju is coming here with a very excited project. It seems that every big superstar of south industry here is working with big directors. After hearing the name of combination actors and directors, there is a lot of buzz in fans. Soon many big movies will release.

  1. Vijay Thalapathy film 66 will Produce by Dilraju
  2. Prabhas film also produce by Dilraju

Vijay Thalapathy Film 66

The first biggest news coming about Thalapathy Vijay film 66. Many of you must have heard that Thalapathy Vijay film 66 is going to produce by Dilraju. Vamsi Paidipally is going to direct the film Vijay 66. Vamshi Paidipally is the same director who recently directed blockbuster films like Maharshi of Mahesh Babu.

So this is news coming out that it will take a long time since this film has been confirmed here. And the birthday of Thalapathy Vijay is coming on 22 June, maybe makers can announcement more detail about this film. Makers have not officially announced the film about 66 but it’s confirmed the news they will soon announce.

Prabhas film produce by Dilraju

Much news is coming about related to south Indian upcoming films with big superstars. Apart from this, another film is going to make in the production of Dilraju. This is really a very crazy project cause Dilraju gonna produces many films these days. Where Prashanth Neel also going to do another film with Prabhas once again. And this film of Prabhash and Prashanth Neel will produce by Dilraju. Prabhas film will again super hit in the direction of big directors.

Allu Arjun upcoming film

Let’s talk about stylish star Allu Arjun here, Allu Arjun is one of those actors of all Tollywood who have the line of films, which means the director’s line is engaged. That he signed his film, and in the last few months many big directors have come to him. By taking the scripts of your films, where you all know the news.

Prashanth Neel Some time ago, Allu was a mile from Arjun, about the script of his film, the news is coming out now that the director who is debuting his blockbuster in the direction with Opena film. That is, Buchi Babu, had recently met Allu Arjun here where he narrated his script to him.

And last month Vayupati Shrinu also came to Allu Arjun regarding the script of his film. Then add another name like Prashanth Neel, Vayupati Shrinu and Buchi Babu, and so on Vijay Vikram. Vikram is one of those directors and the top director of Tollywood who has recently given a statement. He has said that the script I am writing for Allu Arjun will be the dream project of my life.

Statement of Allu Arjun

This statement has come out from the side of director Vikram, and he has said that the work on the script is going on and will be over soon. Many exciting combinations are coming in front of the nickel. But Allu Arjun has not given a green signal to anyone here. Because now Allu Arjun has come to that stage where he will have to sign every film very thoughtfully. Where Allu Arjun does not want to make any mistake, no matter how big the director is. He is going to sign his upcoming film with a lot of thinking. We will provide you all information about film and movies on