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777 Charlie Film Of Rakshit Shetty Story and Release Date

777 Charlie Release Date
777 Charlie Release Date

The teaser of Rakshit Shetty’s upcoming film 777 Charlie has been released. Rakshit Shetty is constantly trying to get his films to release on PAN India. His film 777 Charlie is being released here in many languages. Teasers of all languages are released already. The way we have got to see all the scenes of Charlie inside the season. Every scene has been shot very well. And seeing that it is known as he has been treated in the best way.

At the same time, the music in the background is super, and that song’s melody is also very sweet. And in this movie have a lot of fun we will see. This movie teaser already releases and it’s crossed over 5 million views on YouTube. These days every month Kannada industry releasing its film. Kannada films are very popular in India, everyone loves to watch films. Last month many movies release in Hindi dubbed.

Two days before Ravi Teja film Krack’s release on YouTube with Hindi dubbed. South film industry too much forward to releasing movies than Bollywood film industry. We saw that in Bollywood only one movie released Last Month Salman Khan film Radhe. We can say that this time is the time of South Film Industry that way they release their film every month. Fans of the south film industry increasing every day. 777 Charlie teaser release and we will provide you all information related to movies on

Story Line of Film 777 Charlie.

The storyline of 777 Charlie is based on animal life. There is a dog her name Charlie and she lost. Charlie tries to find her way to go home and she faces a lot of problems during the journey. We can say that this film including with animal emotion and also an awesome story. Charlie tries to find them but she can’t then she met Rakshit Shetty. In this film, Rakshit Shetty is playing the role of Dharma a factory worker. And he is busy with his life too much.

When Charlie met Dharma, the first time Dharma don’t like Charlie, and after few days. They started living together. In this movie, we will see a dog and its name Charlie. Charlie is trying to find someone and she faced a lot of problems during the journey. Charlie Mets with Dharma first time Dharma then he threatens her to get out. But the dog Charlie still following him. Charlie also visited Dharma’s home. Slowly they have a good relationship between Dharma and Charlie. In this movie, we will see Dharma help to find the way of Charlie.

We can say that Charlie lost and she tries to find her home. After the help of Dharma Charlie able to find the way to go. This movie teaches us to, how we should behave with animals. And we will also see animals’ relation with humans. 777 Charlie based on human and animal relations, how animals interact with humans and their life. Animals’ life is also included with humans life and its part. So we should try to help animals when they are in a problem are having accidents or many causes.

More About This Film

777 Charlie is an upcoming film in India with a PAN release. This film is a Kannada film with adventures comedy-drama with nest storyline. This film is full of comedy audience will enjoy watching this film. 777 Charlie will release at PAN India level its means this film will release in many languages like Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, and some. Rakshit Shetty Fans are eagerly waiting to watch this film. This film will release In 2021 but we will provide you exact date soon.

Cast and Crew

Rasksit Shetty as Dharma will play the main lead role in this film with a dog Charlie. Sangeetha Sringeri as Devika will also play the main lead role. Raj B. Shetty as Dr. Ashwin Kumar and Danish Sait as Karshan Roy will play the side role in this film. Bobby Simha will play the Cameo role.

Paramvah Studios Pushkar Films are producing these films. 777 Charlie written and direct by KiranRaj K. And this film produced by Rakshit Shetty, Pushkara, Mallikarjunaiah, and Gs Gupta. We will provide you more information about this film and more.