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5 fruits that the uterus hates, which women often ignore

The uterus, as an important reproductive organ in women’s body, plays a vital role in nurturing new life and caring for women’s health. The uterus is not only a place for childbirth, but also an important organ for maintaining a healthy life for women. Taking care of the health of the uterus is important for women. That is very important. 5 fruits that the uterus hates

5 fruits that the uterus hates
5 fruits that the uterus hates

The uterus has a certain close connection with the female immune system. When the immune system in the body declines, it is likely to cause the advent of various gynecological diseases. At the same time, the monthly menstruation also has a certain promotion effect on the body’s immunity. Toxins in the body are reduced, thereby enhancing the probability of preventing infections for the human body.

To care for the health of the uterus, in addition to paying attention to personal hygiene, you must also pay attention to your own healthy diet. Some fruits seem to be very nutritious, but they can harm the uterus to a certain extent. Check out the following ones that you like to eat Is it?

1. The 5 fruits that the uterus hates. Strawberries are the last, and women who rank first are often ignored

A. Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit tastes very slightly sweet, and has a certain relief effect on constipation. It is very popular among people. The types of dragon fruit are also divided into white hearts and red hearts. This kind of fruit is good for promoting the peristaltic ability of the gastrointestinal tract. It is conducive to weight loss and is very beneficial to the human body.

However, women often eat dragon fruit, which is easy to cause gout. Dragon fruit itself is a cold fruit. After the body consumes too much, it will increase moisture and cause dysmenorrhea, which is not conducive to the health of the uterus. Female friends eat as little dragon fruit as possible in their lives

B. Watermelon

5 fruits that the uterus hates
5 fruits that the uterus hates

Watermelon can be said to be a type of fruit that can be eaten all year round, and the taste of watermelon in winter is also very sweet. Watermelon is grown in a greenhouse to meet the needs of people in all seasons. Winter itself is a cold season. Some people often choose this When I eat watermelon, and the price of watermelon is very expensive.

When the body consumes too much cold foods such as watermelon, it affects the health of the uterus, aggravates the dampness and coldness in the uterus, and damages one’s own yang. For female friends, it is not conducive to the health of the uterus, and it also affects the health of the uterus. For menstrual flow, try to eat less watermelon as much as possible.

C. Hawthorn

When it comes to hawthorn, people’s first thought is to appetite. Hawthorn has a certain effect on enhancing appetite and improving taste buds, but for female friends, try to eat less.

Hawthorn, as an acidic fruit, promotes blood clotting, especially during women’s menstruation. Eating hawthorn can easily lead to menstrual blood clotting, which makes it difficult to discharge menstrual blood in the body. The dysmenorrhea phenomenon is gradually serious. For this fruit, female friends try their best It is better to eat less.

D. Persimmon

5 fruits that the uterus hates
5 fruits that the uterus hates

The taste of persimmons is very soft, and the persimmons are also very popular. However, women during menstruation are best not to eat persimmons. As a cold fruit, female friends who eat too much will affect menstruation. The amount of secretion.

The dysmenorrhea is more serious. At the same time, the menstrual blood does not flow in. There are a lot of toxins in the uterus that cannot be excreted in time, which accumulates in the uterine wall, leading to the occurrence of dysmenorrhea in the palace. Better care for the health of the uterus.

E. Strawberry

Strawberry’s appearance and slightly sweet taste are deeply loved by people, and the water content in strawberries is also very high, with a unique taste. Female friends usually like to eat strawberries very much.

5 fruits that the uterus hates
5 fruits that the uterus hates

However, strawberry is a kind of cold fruit, eating too much will only lead to the occurrence of cold in the palace, which will seriously affect the secretion of menstruation. At the same time, it will produce the phenomenon of dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation, which is very unfavorable to the health of the uterus. Eating less strawberries is good for your health, especially after menopause, you should eat less.

2. The uterus prefers these 3 kinds of foods, you can eat more in peacetime

The uterus prefers these 3 kinds of foods
The uterus prefers these 3 kinds of foods

A. Honey

The special substances in honey have a certain effect on skin beauty and beauty. A cup of honey water can also promote the peristaltic vitality of the gastrointestinal tract, help the body excrete toxins and waste, and better promote the metabolic rate. The habit of drinking honey water will not only beautify the skin, but also expel the toxins in the body in a timely manner, and better care for the health of the uterus.

B. Durian

As an expensive fruit, durian is popular with a small group of people. At the same time, its taste is also very unique. However, the nutritional value of durian is very high. Female friends often eat durian to promote blood circulation, which is related to the uterus. Certain benefits, timely discharge of toxins in the uterus, has a certain effect on the prevention of gynecological diseases.

However, durian is very high in calories. Use it in an appropriate amount as much as possible. When you eat too much durian, it will cause fat to accumulate in the body and not be consumed well, which will lead to obesity.

C. Apple

The so-called apple is a common fruit in every household. It not only has a crisp taste, but also its price-performance ratio is also very popular. As a common fruit throughout the year, apples have many benefits for the body.

The nutrients in apples have a certain anti-oxidant effect, and have a certain delaying effect on the skin aging of the human body. Moreover, eating apples also has a certain protective effect on the uterus, which can take good care of women’s health.

3. To care for the health of the uterus pay attention to the following things

A. keep working out

Exercise can help the body eliminate toxins and garbage, promote blood circulation in the body, and have a certain friction effect on various parts of the soles of the feet during exercise. The soles of the feet are closely related to the uterus, and the acupuncture points on the soles of the feet drive the blood of the uterus. Circulation, so as to better care for the health of the uterus, in peacetime, you can make a reasonable exercise plan according to your own situation, so as to persist in exercise, which is beneficial to the health of the uterus.

B. Periodic inspection

Some women may feel that it is not necessary to have a uterine examination, but this is a wrong idea. Regular examination of the uterus can prevent the occurrence of gynecological diseases in time, and some girls have the problem of cold palace, often dysmenorrhea, which is very serious. It is recommended that female friends go to the hospital for an examination to better prescribe the right medicine. Early treatment is also very beneficial to the human body, which is the performance of being responsible for themselves.


[Conclusion] It is very important to take care of the health of the uterus. In addition to paying attention to eating habits, it is also important to pay attention to personal hygiene, and to carry out the husband and wife life appropriately, so as to better benefit the health of the uterus and reduce the probability of suffering from gynecological diseases. Read more updates about health tips on