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2 Best Foods For Liver Repair, How to improve liver function naturally, 2 Kinds of vegetables with high transaminase

The liver is an important metabolic organ in the human body, not only responsible for the excretion of toxins in the human body, but also involved in the digestion, decomposition and utilization of ingested food. In other words, if there is a disease in the liver, then the liver can hardly filter out oxygen and blood to supply the operation of other organs, so the final result is not that the organs around the liver will gradually deteriorate with the liver disease. Sickness occurs. 2 Best Foods For Liver Repair

2 Best Foods For Liver Repair
2 Best Foods For Liver Repair
  • According to relevant surveys, the current pathogenesis of liver disease patients is inseparably related to their daily diet and work and rest.
  • Long-term overeating, sedentary behavior, staying up late to work overtime and playing mobile phones, etc.,
  • Will cause the cells of the liver cells to fail to work and function normally, reducing the toxins produced in the body and expelling them out.
  • In addition, such unhealthy diet and living rules will even cause more toxins to be produced and accumulated in the liver, causing lesions in the liver and adjacent organs.

2 Kinds of vegetables with high transaminase.

Rootless bean sprouts

Bean sprouts are a kind of nutrient-rich vegetable, not only containing vitamin C, vitamin B12, zinc, calcium, and phosphorus but also rich in dietary fiber. However, the shelf life of bean sprouts is short, generally, 12 hours of action will begin to rot. Therefore, some unscrupulous merchants choose to cut off the roots of the bean sprouts in order to prolong the shelf life of the bean sprouts and add a form of formaldehyde or formalin to the bean sprouts for soaking. Eating such bean sprouts will not only easily induce liver disease, but also reduce the level of physical health, which will gradually worsen the already damaged liver, which is not conducive to the recovery of liver disease.


Ginger is a seasoning food that many people always have to remove the fishy smell, and in addition to removing the fishy smell, ginger can also be drunk with boiled brown sugar ginger water, which has the effect of repelling cold and preventing colds in winter. However, if the ginger is not stored properly, it will produce a substance called aflatoxin after the gas becomes moldy. This substance will destroy the human immune system, and even damage the health of the liver and induce liver disease. Therefore, everyone is advised not to eat ginger that has been moldy, so as not to damage liver health. Eat more of these 4 things to nourish the liver and protect the liver, or help the recovery of liver disease

2 Best Foods For Liver Repair
2 Best Foods For Liver Repair

Animal liver

Animal liver is rich in iron, calcium, lecithin, and egg yolk, which are nutrients needed by the liver. And eating some animal liver in moderation can also help the body maintain a certain immune activity, which is also very helpful to the liver. However, animal liver generally contains relatively high cholesterol, so animal liver is only suitable for people who want to nourish their liver but have a healthy liver. In particular, we should warn those who believe in “filling the shape with shape” that eating too much liver will not help the liver to improve, but may increase the burden on the liver, thereby aggravating the liver disease.

2 Foods containing cassia seeds

When it comes to cassia seeds, I believe many people know it. Cassia seeds can not only be used to make pillows but also can be used to soak in water to help clear the stomach, reduce liver fire and improve eyesight. People with poor livers can prepare some cassia seeds at home on weekdays, or Wujueduo containing cassia seeds and other liver-friendly ingredients such as Schisandra, medlar, Aurantium, etc. The former can help improve the vitality of liver fire, and the latter can not only help soothe anger and improves liver damage. For people who often stay up all night or have irregular work and rest, and whose physical examination shows high transaminase levels, prepare some cassia seeds or five jue more at home, and eat some every day, or it may help restore liver function and reduce transaminase.

2 Best Foods For Liver Repair
2 Best Foods For Liver Repair


Carrots contain carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin D. These nutrients are not only good for health but also help to promote liver metabolism to remove toxins and waste from the body. This can undoubtedly reduce the metabolic burden of the liver, so it is recommended that people with a poor liver can eat some in moderation.


Cabbage is rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C, which is more in line with human health than simply supplementing with vitamin C capsules. In addition, eating cabbage properly can also help the liver detoxify and promote digestion, which is also good for the liver. great

2 Best Foods For Liver Repair
2 Best Foods For Liver Repair

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