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Wear long skirts with as few high heels as possible, your feet will be tired! Try these 3 “doubles”, fashionable and taller and longer legs

In the blink of an eye, the “progress bar” of autumn has passed halfway, and for the “skirt party”, autumn is undoubtedly the most suitable season for wearing a dress to go out. Wear long skirts with as few high heels as possible

But many fashionistas blindly pursue a sense of style, ignoring the practicality of the overall matching, and often use high-heeled shoes with dresses. Although wearing this way is very feminine, it is too tiring and is not suitable for daily wear . If you want to go out on the street beautifully, you should use less high-heeled shoes and dresses.

One: Why not recommend long skirts with high heels

The advantage of high heels lies in the modification of the figure, whether it is used to make up for the height, and everyone can actually assist each other in modifying the figure, such a combination is a good choice. However, the disadvantages of choosing high-heeled shoes in autumn and winter are also more obvious, such as wearing tired feet, in the absence of height disadvantage, or changing the style of wearing, obviously everyone will not choose high-heeled shoes.

Secondly, the combination of high heels and long skirts, although this combination seems to be more elegant and atmospheric, but it also indirectly limits the style of matching. In fact, choosing this kind of outfit will leave you with no more choices. Dressing is not suitable for the current multi-faceted dressing style.

Two: Tips for matching long skirts and high heels

Tip 1: Match the same color

The matching method of the same color is used in the combination of long skirts and shoes, and then the extension effect that can visually help everyone will be even more amazing. Especially in autumn and winter, choose a long skirt with a high waist, and then add a pair of shoes of the same color. In fact, such an overall match can also be layered from the waist. It is impossible to have long legs. It is not very suitable for small girls who are not very good in body proportions.

Since it is the same color, and it is also because the overall style of the outfit is also because of the natural color matching, it will become much simpler and more fashionable. Then you can try to choose skirts and shoes for the lower body for the coordination of the overall matching, but the editor recommends that you do not choose too fancy and exaggerated bright fluorescent colors in terms of color, and for autumn and winter, the choice is actually simple. The basic colors of black, white and gray are very suitable as matching colors, and this kind of outfit is actually because of its simplicity and attitude.

Tip 2: Improve the waistline

In the combination of long skirt + high heels, we must create an obvious high waistline, because high waistline can not only divide the proportion of the body, in fact, this kind of outfit can directly eliminate the procrastination brought by long skirts, and It can also make the outfit of the whole set more capable.

And for Miki blogger’s outfit, if you choose to create a high waistline, it is also very simple, or you can directly tie a belt around the waist, which can not only restrain the waist, highlight the thinness, but also highlight the position of the waistline, Pair with high heels for longer legs!

Tip 3: Combining width and width

If the skirt is slightly longer, then in the choice of shoes, it is necessary to focus on light styles and avoid heavy and complicated designs, otherwise the key points of matching will be blurred. And if the length of the skirt is relatively short, then everyone can choose to use low-heeled shoes with higher heels to match each other, so that it can achieve a taller and thinner look.

Three: Which shoes can be matched with long skirts

01. Loafers

Classic and retro loafers are not only shoes that male friends can try, but also a single product that female friends can try boldly this season. Loafers can be matched all year round, so in summer you can also wear them without When wearing shoes, start with a pair of shoes, such as the black loafer shoes matched by the bloggers below. They are simple and low-key, and they can add a sense of tenderness when paired with a skirt.

02. Sneakers

The second common style of dressing is the pure college style , and then you can instantly help you create such a simple style of dressing, but everyone should try to focus on simple styles in the selection of single items. Therefore, it is recommended to choose more classic white shoes, or wear casual shoes with a simpler shape . Of course, it is also because sports shoes have gradually become popular in recent years, so for autumn and winter, everyone Choosing a dress + sneakers is also a more fashionable way to wear.

Compared with high-heeled shoes, casual shoes reduce the area of ​​exposed skin on the feet, thus losing some sexy and feminine . But it also brings some sense of youth and practicality. Usually, whether you are out on the street or traveling, you can choose to match casual shoes. Casual shoes can neutralize the kitsch feeling brought by some printed skirts because they cover up the femininity.

03. Small white shoes

The style of Xiaobai shoes is simple and casual, which is suitable for daily street shooting. Most people wear Xiaobai shoes because they are relatively suitable for daily life. They look simple and light, and they will feel very temperamental when they step on them.

But most of the styles of low-heeled shoes are more elegant, because they have heels. In fact, this kind of outfit can basically effectively help everyone stretch the legs, but this kind of outfit will reflect the increase in height and thinness. The effect will be very good, and the low-heeled shoes you choose will look more mature than ordinary flat white shoes, so daily matching will feel very temperamental.

04. Mary Jane shoes

The toe of Mary Jane shoes is divided into three types: round toe, pointed toe, and square toe. The round-toed Mary Jane shoes are more cute , and they appear to be very well-behaved, and also because they are more suitable for cute and gentle wear; for example, the pointed-toed Mary Jane shoes chosen in autumn and winter can not only lengthen our legs , but also In fact, it is as aggressive as high-heeled shoes, and it is more suitable for royal sisters to wear. Compared with the first two, the square-toed Mary Jane shoes have a more sense of design. They will neither appear too powerful nor very cute. They are more suitable for commuting .

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