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Vikrant Rona Movie In Spanish, English, Portuguese, French Dubbed Release Date

Vikrant Rona Full Movie In English
Vikrant Rona Full Movie In English

Indian cinema’s most awaited Action-adventure film Vikrant Rona. This film is not only going to be an Indian film but a pan world film. Jiha Vikrant Rona will be the first film which will be simultaneously released in a maximum number of languages. If we talk about it, then at least this film will be released in more than 15 languages ​​and it will be a record in a way. Till now no film has been released in so many languages ​​simultaneously. And because of this, this film remains in more discussion. The audience is eagerly waiting for this film. Vikrant Rona Movie In Spanish

Vikrant Rona Full Movie In Spanish, English, Portuguese, French Dubbed Release Date

CountryRelease LanguageRelease Date
USAEnglish28 July 2022
BrazilPortuguese28 July 2022
SpainSpanish28 July 2022
FranceFrench28 July 2022

Vikrant Rona Movie In Spanish Dubbed Release Date

Vikrant Rona Movie will release in Spanish Language. You can watch this movie in the Spain in the theater.

Vikrant Rona Movie In English Dubbed Release Date

Vikrant Rona Movie will release in English Language. You can watch this movie in the in theater.

Vikrant Rona Movie In French Dubbed Release Date

Vikrant Rona Movie will release in French Language. You can watch this movie in the France in theater.

Vikrant Rona Movie In Portuguese Dubbed Release Date

Vikrant Rona Movie will release in the Portuguese Language. You can watch this movie in the Brazil in the theater.

A bang and blockbuster poster of the main actress of this film i.e. Jacqueline Fernandez has been revealed for the first time. Along with this, another great background music of this film has been revealed. And let us tell you that Vikrant Rona, which is an ex-adventure film, made in the direction of Anup Bhandari. In whose main lead you will get to see Super Star Kicha Sudeep. Although his films do not come much, what comes proves to be a super hit at the box office. And this film will also prove to be a super hit because it is an action-adventure film which will be liked by the people.

Vikrant Rona Movie All Cast And Crew Member

MovieVikrant Rona
Nirup Bhandari
Neetha Ashok
Jacqueline Fernandez
Director, WriterAnup Bhandari
ProducerShalini Jack Manju
Alankar Pandian
Production CompanyKichcha Creations
Shalini Arts
Invenio Films India
Release Date29 July 2022
Release LanguageHindi, English Tamil Telugu and More
Release PlatformTheater


  • Sudeep as Vikrant Rona
  • Nirup Bhandari as Sanjeev “Sanju” Gambhira
  • Neetha Ashok as Aparna “Panna” Ballal
  • Jacqueline Fernandez as Racquel D’Coasta / Gadang Rakkamma
  • Ravishankar Gowda
  • Madhusudan Rao
  • Vasuki Vaibhav

Vikrant Rona Full Movie English, Spanish, French, Portuguese Dubbed Watch Online

You can watch this movie online when this movie will release on Online Platform.

More updates about this film

About 120 to 150 crores are being spent on this film, which is going to be the biggest film of Indian cinema after KGF and KGF Chapter 2. In this film, Kicha Sudeep is going to be seen in the role of an inspector, who will do adventure as well as action in this film. Let me tell you that this film has to be released in Hindi Tamil Telugu Kannada Malayalam language all over India. Simultaneously, this film is going to be released in about 30 languages ​​at the worldwide box office. This shows that this film will be a very big and big release. And talk about the weave of this film, then this film is a 3D film.

A banging poster of this film was revealed, in which superstar Kicha Sudeep and Jacqueline Fernandez are seen together. Jacqueline Fernandez is seen dropping the wine from her hands, while Kicha Sudeep has a gun in her hand. Who is seen staring at Jacqueline Fernandez? Let us tell you that this film is to be released at the Indian Box Office this year, whose shooting is over. And this film is going to be very good visually. Along with this, it is also going to give you a very good experience. This film is an exciting film, which is very much liked today.

About film Vikrant Rona

These days the news of the Kannada film industry coming out the way in front of us. After reading that news, it would not be wrong to say that the plan of kannada film industry as sandalwood is not only in India but this film industry want to rule the worldwide. As we can say that the sandalwood film industry releasing their films in very big level like worldwide release film. If the Kannada film industry release there film in 14 countries with 14 language, they gonna rule the all world film industry. Because no one film has been release yet in 14 language. Kannada industry as sandalwood gonna release the first film with 14 language. Its will be Pan worldwide film. As we can say this is just starting if they release their all film in Pan Worldwide, they gonna beat all film industry of this world.

About the new poster of film Kichcha Sudeep must awaited film Vikrant Rona. For many days this news was coming front of us from side of KIchcha Sudeep. Soon something new will come and that poster of Vikrant Rona has launched. Soon some to be blast news was about to come from Kichcha Sudeep and it came already. This news is such that after reading, you will also say that the Kannada film industry as sandalwood gonna beat not only in India also all worldwide film industry. This information has come in front of us about Kiccha Sudeep most awaited film that is Vikrant Rona. When this film will release in cinema hall? That is a new motion poster of film Vikrant Rona that was Already release with 3d effects. That is , if you will see this poster, as you can see Kichcha Sudeep has taken a hunter in his hand.

Film Vikrant Rona In detail

This the 3d poster which will seen moving and you will see 3d effect in this poster itself. That is, it has made clear through this 3d poster that this film will also come in 3d in the cinema hall. And this film will be release on 29 July 2022. This film will release with multiple languages with 3d version too. That is, this information has come out about this film will hit the entry at the box office on 29 July t in 2022. And this film will release PAN worldwide film called multiple language in 14 languages. Till now the numbers of film released in Pan India was being release only five or six languages. But it has made clear about Kichcha Sudeep film Vikrant Rona will release in 14 languages. After listening this news,fans of Kichcha Sudeep have become very happy. This year is going to be name after 2022 Kannada film industry and this clear.

And that is say Kichcha Sudeep film Vikrant Rona will release after one week Allu Arjun film Pushpa. Allu Arjun film Pushpa is the most awaited Indian film. It will be a tremendous scene being seen on box office between Pushpa and Vikrant Rona. The things to see that this two film is PAN India film both these two films are going to release in Hindi too. In between these two films, when there will be a fight after week, then who will be seen beating? You will know only after seeing these film. Vikrant Rona belonged to Kannada film industry which called Sandalwood film industry. And this is the first time in Kannada film industry they are releasing their film in 14 language. And number of films coming out through Kannda film Industry out is proving to be super hit on box office every film.

Film cast and storyline

Vikrant Rona is an upcoming worldwide film with fantasy action and adventure films. In this film, you can see adventure and fantasy scenes like Jumanji. Vikrant Rona film directs by Anup Bhandari and produce by Shalini Jack Manju and Alankar Pandian. This action and adventure film starring Kichcha Sudeep, Nirup Bhandari, and Neetha Ashok. Vikrant Rona film will release in worldwide level in 14 languages in 3D.

Vikrant Rona Movie English, Spanish Dubbed

This movie will release in multi-language. So you can also watch this film in English and Spanish languages too. Read more updates about upcoming movies and web series on