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Truth social app for android free download

Truth social app for android free download
Truth social app for android free download

Trump’s social media app

Truth Social is a fresh social networking platform from former U.S. President Donald Trump’s, own digital company. Thus, this free-to-download social app is also more known to the public as Trump Social Media. Banned by Twitter and Facebook, Trump shared that he created this with an aim to provide a free and open place of political ideology expression without fear of receiving discrimination. Truth social app for android free download

What’s you’ll like about Truth Social is it blocks ads from third parties so, the navigation experience can be guaranteed to be neat and unobtrusive. Although not required, subscriptions will be available.

How to download truth social app for android, Truth social app for android free download

Currently, Truth Social App is not available for android and is also not available on the play store. Soon it will be available on the play store. Then you can direct download from playstore.

Feature introduction

Just like Facebook, Twitter, InstagramTumblr, or any other social media sites, Truth Social allows you to create your own profile with a photo, avatar, and background of your choice. Statistics regarding your personal activities within the application such as likescommentsfollows, and followings will be tracked and displayed on the profile you made. If Facebook has ‘News Feed’ and Twitter has ‘Home,’ Trump’s communication app offers Truth Feed.

This is the section wherein you can see tons of posts, videos, and thoughts from the people you follow. You can search for the certain individual you wish to follow through their username. As you type in the name in the search bar, various profile suggestions based on different characteristics like followers, mutual connections, and location will flash. You’ll also receive notifications once one of your followers updated their posts.

Another catch is unlike Twitter, this networking bundle gives an opportunity for you to edit your uploaded post. Of course, deletion can be done as well. As one of its major objectives is to fight back against the huge technology firms that silence opposing voices in the US, expect that it will develop more features that lean towards giving its users an open-minded society wherein different ideologies could be shared.

An effort against social networking giants

Truth Social serves as Trump’s bold move to stand up against the social media networks that banned him on their platform. It is just like Twitter and Facebook but it promises to respect diverse culture and beliefs especially regarding political subjects. Presenting an edit option though can significantly lure many users as up to this date, Twitter is still not adding one on their system. Read more information on