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Tiger 3 main villain is Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi in Tiger 3
Salman Khan and Emraan Hashmi

Recently Salman Khan Released his film Radhe so that’s why now he will start shooting for Tiger 3. As we can see that only Salman Khans took a risk to release his film on OTT platforms except for all big makers of Bollywood. Because in lockdown very too hard for the audience to watch the film in the cinema and also government started lockdown. Ever since this news came out, Emraan Hashmi will become a villain in tiger 3. Salman and Emraan fans were very happy to hear this news. There has been such a buzz among the fans that now in this film. Fans are excited to see Emraan and Salman colliding with each other. The official announcement has not been made yet, but how are fans of Emraan and Salman are going crazy after hearing this news. See here fans tweet.

tiger 3 tweet
Emraan Hashmi play Villain role in Tiger 3

“This is the dream casting of #Tiger 3 #Emraan Hashmi vs #Salman Khan . One of the most talented actor Emraan Hashmi will play the villain character in Megastar Salman Khans Tiger3”

Tweet on Tiger 3 Emraan
Tiger 3 villain

“#Emraan Hashmi inclusion in #Tiger3 is ultimate. This movie of Salman khan could be the biggest grosser ever. Hype is already mounted without shooting. BRING!!! “

Emraan Hashmi villain in Tiger 3
Salman Khan vs Emraan Hashmi

About Film Tiger 3

Can’t get over this pic man. I mean imagine this look is amazing. Tiger in the zone of bond and mi Series, the look and dressing style like this. And then the news of Emraan Hashmi as villain Bring it on.”. This film is a sequence of Tiger films now we will see as a villain Emran Hashmi. Fans are very excited to watch the Emran Hashmi in Tiger 3. These two big stars’ actions will be super hits when the movie launched. But the shooting of this film has started, due to corona no more updates are coming about this film. We try to provide you all updates about this film. This is sure Emran Hashmi will play the role of Villain in Salman Khan’s film Tiger 3.

It is clear from the reaction of the fans that they have the perfect choice for the villain in tiger 3. And according to fans, this Tiger series is the best casting ever. But now it is going to be very interesting to see that Salman and Emraan will work together for the first time. In another negative role, Emraan is so perfect that there is no doubt about it. Fans are waiting for this news for the announcement. Fans are really very excited to see Emraan Vs, Salman Khan. We will see in the movie, but after seeing this news craze, Salman Khan will take this opportunity in Tiger 3. So it’s confirmed that Tiger 3 main Villain is Emran Hashmi.

More news about releated this film

Here also news coming about the film tiger 3 that Salman Khan will see in Shahrukh Khan film Pathan. that means Tiger 3 some scene include with Shahrukh Khan’s film Pathan. We will see this scene in the film Pathan of Shahrukh Khan. Salman Khan as Tiger will help Shahrukh khan to catch the enemy. So we can say that Tiger will be seen with Shahrukh Khan too but not in Tiger 3 movie. In the film Pathan, Salman Khan will fight with Shahrukh Khan and John Abraham on Dubai Burj Khalifa. This fight scene will be a super hit because there three big superstars.

Pathan film was going to release in this year but after seeing the situation of the country government started lockdown. That’s why many big filmmakers postpone their film release date. When the situation will be normal then we can say anything about it. But now we can’t say anything about this film. After the release of Salman Khan’s film Radhe, many producers want to release their films like this. Salman Khan released his film through Tv and OTT platforms. The OTT and Tv release results are worked, and now some makers are decided to release their films on OTT and TV as Salman Khan did.

About film Tiger 3

In Tiger 3 Emraan Hashmi is an ISI agent and Salman Khan will fight with Emraan. We already know that Salman Khan is an Indian secret agent in the film Tiger. So he will lead the mission to catch the Emraan Hashmi and this thing will make tiger film again super hit. Salman Khans film super hits because of fans now, But Tiger 3 film will be super hit because of Emraan Hashmi. The villain role of Emraan Hashmi will make the fire in Fans of Emraan Hashmi. We will provide you all the updated news about this film on this website