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Rhatha Phongam Biography, Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Height, Birthplace

Rhatha Phongam Biographya, Wiki, Age, Height, Birthplace
Rhatha Phongam Biography
Name Rhatha Phongam
19 May 1983
Bangkok, Thailand
Height170 cm
Nationality Thai
Networth $ 11 Million

Rhatha Phongam (Thai: รฐา โพธิ์งาม; RTGS: Ra-tha Pho-ngam; born 19 May 1983), nickname Ying (Thai: หญิง), is a Thai actress, singer and model. She is best known internationally for her supporting role in Only God Forgives in 2013. Rhatha Phongam Biography

Rhatha Phongam movies list

2012Jan Dara the BeginningBoonlueang
2013Tom Yum Goong 2No. 20
2013The Second Sight 3DJoom
2013Only God ForgivesMai
2013Jan Dara: The FinaleBoonlueang
2014Lupin the 3rdMiss V
2016Mechanic: ResurrectionCrain’s courier
2022Fistful of VengeanceKu An Qi

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