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Radhe Shyam storyline and cast read here in detail

Radhe Shyam Storyline
Radheshyam Poster

Indian cinema is the industry that had identified by the name of Hindi film like Bollywood for many years. Challenging Bollywood and raising the flag of the south film industry to the top, he is Prabhas. And now Prabhash is bringing another film Radhe Shyam whose trailer released on 14 February. This film will change neither the action nor the love of grandfather or the revenge of father and son. This film is very different than another film no more action scenes. It’s totally different from other films like south Indian film or even Bollywood.

In this film, love will be the focus of love romance. The film is special because its budget is 350 crore. Many films can make as many with this budget. The theme of the film will be love and romance. Radhe Shaym is a periodic love story film. Meaning multiple looks of Prabhas will see in a single film. Understand people are different, their story is also different but faces will be the same. the film also including ancient times looks of people and places will be seen, when Prabhas will travel in the Past. As you can see in the teaser he traveled past to find Pooja Hegde. Read more about Prabhas Upcoming film list Top upcoming film list of Prabhas. you can visit

Story of film Radhe Shyam

The concept of the film will be astrology vs science, if one has a connection with history then another’s a connection to the future. And Prabhas will work to connect these two. Who will play the character of an Astrologer in this film? His love lady i.e. Pooja Hegde will play the character of a princess in the film, who is going to screen share with Prabhas for the first time. You will get to see time travel in the film, as well as the opportunity to travel around the world.

Some shooting has taken place in India, some Europe Italy and Georgia. Apart from this, some special experiments in the world of science will also see in the story. In which the visual effect of Hollywood level will use. In which classy boy Vikram has become a victim of the simplicity of Prerna madam. The unique love that will create history. Apart from the hero heroine in a love story, the music of the film which has different composers in Hindi and Telugu has been selected.

Meaning the Hindi album different Telugu album different. There is Mithun in Hindi and Justin Prabhakar in Telugu. Radhe Shyam will release on 30 July 2021. And this film will release in multiple languages like Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, and many languages. This film is a PAN India film all south Indian films are releasing a maximum of 5 languages this time.

Storyline in detail

Radhe Shyam’s film storyline fully a time travel film, where you can see Prabhas will travel in the past for his love. Prabhas will make a time machine and he will go back in past time and meet his lover. The story of the film is based on love, how can anyone go far for love. In this film, you will see much scientific research too like you can call this movie a science fiction movie too. In science fiction movies related to the science world like time travel space and full of space adventure. But this film dedicated to time travel for love as we have already seen a few films of this type. In this film Radhe Shyam we will see two different stories as you called two love stories at the same time. Past and future stories will see in this film when Prabhas will travel past. We will see new stories of past and present stories will be another story.

But both stories will dedicate to the love story two-story but no different person. That means Prabhas and Pooja Hegde will seem together in the two stories. Pooja Hegde is the love of Prabhas, and Prabhash will travel past for Pooja Hegde. These are very big-budget films so we will see many different scenes than other films. Science fiction movies are always interesting, Prabhas time travel will make the audience crazy. This is the most awaited film of Prabhash in 2021. Radheshyam is full of romantic love stories and, in this film, you will see many scenes from another country. The shooting of the film was done in many different locations in different countries. Prabhas will cross the limit of love, and you will see many loves scene with Pooja Hegde.