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Pogaru film watch in Hindi dubbed on Colors cineplex

Rashmika Mandanna and Dhruva sarja

News has come out in front of us, when you will read this news you will be very happy. Rashmika Mandanna most awaited film Pogaru is finally coming in Hindi dubbed on a TV channel. This film is going to released in Hindi very soon on a television channel. Rashmika Mandanna is the national crush, she has a lot of fans in North India. Now it’s good news for Rashmika Mandanna fans, her new film is coming in the Hindi language soon. This film is already a super-duper hit in the Kannada language. Now we have to see this film will be hit in the Hindi language or not.

Pogaru film is full of an action film with the fighter. In this film, you can watch a fight between fighters Indian and foreign fighters. Pogaru film is coming with Hindi dubbed on 25 April 2021 on TV channel colors cineplex. On 25 April you can watch the film Pogaru in Hindi dubbed. It’s full of entertainment with the best story if you are excited to watch this film you can watch this film on 25 April 2021 on Colors Cineplex. In this film, you can also see a national crush Rashmika Mandanna. This film is full of action and the best storyline. Film Pogaru was already released in the Kannada language but this time this film is coming with Hindi dubbed on TV channel Colors Cineplex. 25 April 2021 Pogaru film will come with Hindi dubbed, you can watch this pack of entertainment on TV.

About film Pogaru

Pogaru is full of action with story drama, this film written by Nanda Kishore and also direct by Nanda Kishore. This film produces by B.K Gangadhar. In this film lead main role as Dhruva Sarja and Rashmika Mandanna. Rashmika Mandanna and Dhruva Sarja is the lead main role in film Pogaru. The total budget of this film is 25 cores and the estimated earning of this film after release is 51 crores on Box Office. Pagaru film was also to be released in cinema hall 2020 in the month of April, but due to coronavirus, this film could not be released in 2020. But one song of this film came in 2020 its name korabu. Korabu songs become very popular in 2020 its reached 234 million views on YouTube.

Pogaru film was not released in 2020 and finally this film release in 2021 on 19 February. This film was released in a cinema hall on 19 February and this film create a panic after coming into the cinema hall. It means this film will very popular after its release in February. The gross collection of this film in India made in so far 38 crores minimum. And the worldwide collection of this film is a minimum of 45 crores. This film also took out its budget in the corona period. This film has been informed through the trailer that you can watch this film on 25 April this month. The Hindi trailer of this film is also very powerful it’s clear through the film this film will be full of action and fight

Cast and storyline of this film

The story of this film is where Dhruva Seems the boss of his areas. Thats means the areas where Dhruva is living that place is in under control of Dhruva. Tha stroy started from their in Dhruva areas a minister daughter want to open the meical clinic. But the main problem is Dhruva dont wants to leave his areas and place for minister daughter. And then he become the enmy of minister, Dhruva is also a fighter of that areas. The minister daughter wants to open her clinic by removing the house of poor people, who will be seen opposing Dhruva. Dhruva fight with the minister and try to save these poor people houses and land. But minister wont stop by forcing the poor people to leave their houses and land. This is the beginning of the story.

At last minister cant able to defeat Dhruva because Dhruva is best fight and powerful man. When the minister is not able to difeat Dhruva, he bring a international fighters to stop him. But international fighters are also not able to stop Dhruva, brcase he was fighting for poor peoples. As you can see in the hindi trailer fight scene between Dhruva and International fighters. The story of this film is normal, but the treatment of the film is out of box. That means its a totally and fully entertainment movie where you will enjoy by watching. To counter Dhruva, the minister gang has call a big fighters from abroad and send them to fight with Dhruva.

Cast name

Dhruva Sarja and Rashmika MAndanna is the main lead role in this film. Mayuri Kyatari and John Lucas is the role as a side role in this film. Rashmika Mandanna called as National Crush, her fans are increasing in North India, and now her movie coming in Hindi Dubbed. This film is coming with Hindi Dubbed on 25 April in TV channel Colors Cineplex.