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Padma Shri Kaur Singh Movie Wikipedia, All cast Review, Storyline, Release Date

Padma Shri Kaur Singh Movie Wikipedia
Padma Shri Kaur Singh Movie Wikipedia

Padma Shri Kaur Singh is an upcoming Punjabi movie. It is scheduled for theatrical release on 22 July 2022 in theater in the Punjabi language. Padma Shri Kaur Singh movie directed and written by Vikram Pradhan. And the priducr of this movie Karam Batth and Vicky Mann. Padma Shri Kaur Singh full cast are Karam Batth, Prabh Grewal, Raj Kakra, Malkeet Rauni, Sukhi Chahal, Baninder Bunny, Gurpreet Bhangu, Seema Kaushal, Sukhbir Gill. Release in theater 22 July 2022. Padma Shri Kaur Singh Movie Wikipedia

After watching the trailer of the movie Padma Shri Kaur Singh we can say that this is a good watchable movie. The trailer of the movie has already been released on the youtube channel. And the trailer crossed over 3 million views on the Youtube channel. If you like to watch Punjabi comedy love story movies then its will be the best option for you. This movie will only release in the Punjabi language in the theater. Read below down all cast and crew members of the movie in detail.

Padma Shri Kaur Singh Punjabi Movie Wikipedia, All Cast And Crew Member

MoviePadma Shri Kaur Singh
CastKaram Batth
Prabh Grewal
Raj Kakra
Malkeet Rauni
Sukhi Chahal
Baninder Bunny
Gurpreet Bhangu
Seema Kaushal
Sukhbir Gill
Director, WriterVikram Pradhan
ProducerKaram Batth
Vicky Mann
Release Date22 July 2022
Release languagePunjabi
Release Platform Theater

More Updates About This Movie And StoryLine

The story of Padma Shri Kaur Singh starts out as a simpleton to becoming a boxing champion. From a army officer to a man who was promised a prize by the State government, waited for 37 years to receive it. You already saw in the trailer and that movie is going to seem very interesting. And the storyline is awesome.

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