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Operation Java Best Cyber Crime Thriller Movie

Operation Java
opertaion java

Operation Java is a south Indian film recently release on OTT platforms zee5. This movie is a Malayalam movie. This film is full of crime thrillers with suspense. Operation java is available now on Zee 5. The total time length of the movie is 2.3 hours. The story of the film fully fits with the length of 150 minutes. Every 10 minutes of the suspense and thriller of the movie. If you like to watch suspense thriller movies, this film is the best option. You can watch this film on OTT platforms Zee 5. This movie is awesome and super fantastic with full of a suspense thriller.

Storyline of the film Operation Java

The story of the film is to start, there two boys who graduate with BTech and they are jobless. They don’t have a job or no company hires them for work. We can say that they are jobless after graduate Btech. The two boys start to prove by investigating the piracy case of the film. In the year 2015, a premium film was pirated, they visit the cyber cell for the case. The cyber cell thinks that film piracy is not a Tamil it’s others who pirated this premium film. They visit the cyber cell and talk about that. The two Btech engineer helps to cyber cell for that case of piracy. They tried to help cyber cell and found the criminal because they wanted to prove themselves for a job.

When they start to investigate the cases, then many cases of fraud come out. In this movie, you will see how online fraud is working in movies and many types of fraud. This film is based on investigating a case of piracy of the premium film. The online fraud of today’s world, in this movie you will see very clearly how peoples fraud to others. This film will engage you for 150 minutes and also include an action thriller. In this film, we will see a total of three major cases where cyber cells solve these cases and caught the criminal. In this film, we will see how cyber cells work and more information about the online world.

More about this film

As we can say that this film teaches many things. we can learn too much about the online world through this film. Operation Java is the best movie on the list of cybercrime thriller action. This film also includes emotional scenes and sometimes it makes you emotional. This film shows you the real world of cyber cell and their work. The lead character of this film two Btech engineers Antony and Vinaya. Both actor’s talents are very well they worked very hard in this film to solve all cases. So that’s why this film is the best film for their emotions. Operation Java is the movie where they teach a jobless person also can do many things. The message of this film is, people don’t treat well who do not have a job. In this film, both actors prove their ability, what they can do.

You will see three to four cases in this film include with emotions and action. Three-four cases all cases have their own story. When they started to find the pirated case then few big cases come about fraud. And this film will also teach us how to save by fraud. Todays in the world many frauds are happening through a voice call and a lot of. They solve each case in this film from step to step. The screenplay of the film is very convincing and engaging. You will totally enjoy this film if you want to watch this film then visit OTT platforms.

Cast and about film Operation Java

Operation Java is an Indian Malayalam action thriller film written and direct by Tharun Moorthy. This best crime thriller movie produced by Padma Uday and music by Jakes Bejoy. The production company who produced this film is V Cinemas International. The release date of this film is 12 February 2021 and the budget of this film is 3.5 crores. The cast of the film is Balu Varghese as Antony George and Lukman Avaran as Vinaya Dasan. Read more about the film on .