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Never Trust Anyone Chloro Girl 1 OTS Carry

The girl knocks on the door of the stranger’s room, and the stranger opens the door, then the girl says give my stuff. And the stranger gives the girl’s belongings, but seeing the girl’s nice body, He wanders off. As soon as the girl comes out with her belongings, the stranger injects chloroformed and the girl becomes unconscious.When the girl faints, the stranger carries her on his shoulders and brings her to his room and ties both her hands and feet with a rope. The girl is lying on the same table tied in a rope, after some time the girl gets up and sees that the boy is coming towards her with scissors, she gets very scared and starts screaming.

Then the girl says I will do whatever you tell the stranger but don’t trouble me, after hearing this the stranger agrees and takes her to another room.The girl closes the door of the room then goes to the bathroom and the stranger also goes then both come back to the room, actually the stranger wants to sleep with that girl.

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Then the girl enters inside the sheet lying on the bed, and asks the stranger to come too, the stranger has to sleep with her, so he does not think anything and enters inside the sheet with the girl.As soon as that stranger enters inside the sheet, the girl speaks with a little love and immediately comes out and closes the sheet. And the stranger suffocates inside the sheet and he becomes dear to God,That is, he dies. The girl somehow escapes from there after saving her life.