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Kade Haan Kade Naa Full Movie Watch Online

Kade Haan Kade Naa Full Movie
Kade Haan Kade Naa Full Movie

Kade Haan Kade Naa film is all set to hit the silver screen on 3rd December 2021. Sunil Thakur serves as both the director and the writer of the Punjabi movie. Furthermore, the romantic drama features Singaa and Sanjana Singh as the lead. In addition, YKBK48 Entertainment acts as the production banner. Prerna Sharma, YoshiyaKato & Rohit Bakshi bankroll the movie. While Young Army and Ullumanati takes up the charge for the music department. Shakil A. Khan takes credit for DOP. Lastly, stay tuned with us to know more about Kade Haan Kade Naa cast, story, songs, trailer, and much more. Kade Haan Kade Naa Full Movie

After watching the trailer we can say that this is a good watchable movie. The trailer of the movie has been already released on the youtube channel times music. The trailer of the movie crossed over 6 million views on youtube. After seeing the audience’s response we can say that this movie will be hit at the box office. The results will come out after the release of the movie. Read below down all cast and crew members in detail. Kade Haan Kade Naa Full Movie.

Kade Haan Kade Na Movie All cast and crew member

Movie Kade Haan Kade Na
Genre Romantic, Comedy
Cast B.N Sharma
Nirmal Rishi
Sumit Gulati
Prerna Sharma
Ashok Pathak
Simran Sehajpal
Prakash Gadhu
Ravinder Mand
Rajesh Sharma
Shivani Thakur
Happy Singh
Bhupinder Bernala
Deepika Sharma
Kavita Sharma
Darshan Rahi
Ripan Khuller
Sandeep Kailay
Ravi Aneja
Raghav Gautam
Suny Sidhu
Director and Writer Sunil Thakur
Producer Prerna Sharma
Yoshiya kato
Rohit Bakshi
Release date 3 December 2021
Release Languge Punjabi
Release Platform Theatrical
Ott Release Date Expect in January 2022
Hindi Release date Expect in January 2022
Kade Haan Kade Na Movie All cast and crew member

More About this film

The fans are very excited to see this rom-com on the bigger screens, which is written and directed by Sunil Thakur. Prerna Sharma, Yoshiya Kato, and Rohit Bakshi. Kade Haan Kade Naa will be released under the banner of YKBK 48 on December 3, 2021. Now, the fans are waiting for the release of the teaser trailer of this forthcoming movie.

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