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Kaadumale Science Fiction Survival South Indian Upcoming film

Kaadumale movie release date
Kaadumale movie release date

Major teasers of Kaadumale have come about such upcoming films of the south and after watching their teaser and trailer, films are very unique in themselves. At the same time, both the films have not received that response from the Hindi audience yet. Which these movies deserve. Because there are films with the same concept. If a big name was added, then somewhere or the other these films would get a good response. This is the first Indian film where we will see scenes like Hollywood movies. If this film will make script good and release in theaters.

This film is full of mysterious science world between times. Many audiences love to watch science fiction movies with survival. Kaadumale movie is based on the timeline all timeline in the same time. This movie is really very fantastic and super awesome. Now we can say that slowly the Bollywood industry is going down on South Indian film. If South Film Industry makers will start release like science fiction movie then sure Hollywood industry will down too. Now Kannada film started making movies like Hollywood and it’s slowly the end of Hollywood.

These days we see already the Kannada film industry releasing films every month. They make a low-budget film and release it on the OTT platform and YouTube too. The popularity of South Indian films is increasing day by day. We can also say that this is the first Indian film is related to the same timeline and science fiction. In India, many movies are release related to time travel but this film is very different than all films. Read below down the storyline of the film Kaadumale in detail.

The storyline of the film Kaadumale

There is no big-name associated with these films, so this film has not got a good response from the Hindi audience. If you see this teaser and trailer then. You too will appreciate this film. And you will say something that this film is different from all the films. The first movie is named Kaadumale. Whose teaser has only been released? And which is the biggest feature of this teaser. That is that the concept of it is very different.

So if you see it’s teaser then. In this teaser, we have been shown such a place. Which is a forest where nothing like time exists. There is nothing like time, but there is a day at the moment and a night at the moment. If you see, the waterfall on this way is flowing in the reverse direction. The motion here is also in the reverse direction. It is also heard through dialogue that no one can get out of this place. No matter how hard you try, all the paths you take out, all the paths will turn you around and bring you to the same place.

At this place, you can only coach to survive. The excitement that is created after hearing so much and seeing so much in this teaser. Along with that excitement comes another huge explosion. This film depends on the timeline like if you are interested to watch science fiction movies. Then you have watched a series name Dark. The same in this film we will see present past and future all timeline in once. It means present past and future all timeline in front of that girls in the teaser.

Story in detail

You see that in the teaser there a group of friends visit a forest to see the sight. And they stuck in the forest forever we can say that they stuck in the timeline. If you have watched the series Flash then you know what is timeline. Timeline is that time where your past present and future all seen at once times. That same group of friends stuck in the forest. When they realized they stuck in that place they started to found a way to go home. But they can’t able to escape from the forest because that forest is a timeline.

When they run on the way they reach the same place where they start before. If you have watched the series The Flash in that series you will see too much time travel. We can also say that the girl in the teaser can able to see her past present and future at the same time. She tries to escape from there but she can’t. The best scenes of the film are awesome. This film is totally science fiction movie where you can see that in the teaser. The time day and night no actual time all seems happening at the same time.

It’s gonna the first Indian film where we will see too much science fiction. We can also call that time travel-related film in Hollywood film we see too much this type of scenes. Both friends are trapped in the forest once a girl saw herself died in a pond. She saw her body flown in a pond she can’t understand what’s happening to her. but she realizes first they are trapped. In this movie, we will see how they can able to survive in that forest.

Kaadumale movie in detail

The girl who is this teaser sees herself lying unconscious. This is the frame we get to see in this teaser. Seeing this, you can be sure that something like mind-bending is coming in the right way. Let’s talk about this concept here, according to the dialogue that is heard in the teaser and what is seen, the concept is a theory, time is just an illusion. The statement is given by the big scientist and physicist. This statement has been used somewhere or the other. They cant able run through the forest but they have a way to survive and they will survive there.

If this film is presented with a good script, then it can really explode. Which camera side angel and the shoot were done in a very good way. After watching all these scenes the excitement will increase a lot. The location of the film is very gorgeous. When you will see the teaser you can say that the teaser is best than Hollywood film. It makes us proud like Kannada film industry release film like this type.

The place of the film is so mysterious and its full of thriller. We can also say that list few horror scenes. Or we can count this film in horror list too. Now wait for the release of trailer where we will see exactly the mean of the movie. But its sure this movie is full os thriller, science fiction and horror too. And also called best survival upcoming movies in India.

Cast and crew of film Kaadumale

Kaadumale film direct by Samartha and produced by Manjunath TS. And also this film is written by Samartha. Harshan, Sangeetha, Vijaylakshmi, Goutham, Gilli Manju, and more. This movie will release in Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and Malayalam. We will try to provide you all the related information about this film on

If you are like to watch survival movies and science fiction then it can be the best choice. this movie is the best survival movie and the scenes of the movie are awesome. Now we have just wait to release the trailer of this film and we can relate the full story through the trailer.

Why South Indian film craze is increasing day by day?

The craze of south Indian film increasing day by day because the makers making a low-budget film. We can say that this a good start business with a low budget. Everyone knows that all south Indian films are easily available on youtube for free. But no one any Bollywood film or Hollywood film available on youtube. And this is the main reason the craze of south Indian film increase day by day. Many makers of Kannada film industries they make a low budget film. All low-budget films of the south industry release on OTT platforms and TV. When they earn their profit they upload the movie on Youtube for free cost. And the Youtube movies are gaining an audience.

Many South Indian films crossed over 300 million views on youtube and it’s also a record. That means 300 million audiences watch the film for free. This is the trick to expand the business of the South Film Industry. The audience able to watch the best movie for free on Youtube that’s why they love south Indian films too much. And makers also earn money from youtube too. It’s the best plan to make the south Indian film industry popular all over the world. Now Kannada film already started to release science fiction movies and it makes more popular too.

Extra News

The teaser of the film Kaadumale already crossed over one million views on YouTube and soon it will cross more. This movie can release at the last of the year. This time, not official announcement coming about this movie. If makers will announce the update about this film we will provide you soon.