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Fish Catch Liquid, Medicine Concentrated Red Worm Liquid

Fish catch medicine named Concentrated Red Worm Liquid you can buy this liquid online and can use it. Read below down product detail and where you can buy them. And also how can you use this liquid to catch fish. This liquid will be the best option for you to catch the fish easily.

How to use Concentrated Red Worm Liquid fish-catching liquid

As you watched on our Facebook page. When you will drop that liquid in the pond or river where some fish can be found. As you can watch all fish comes out and you can catch all fishes. You can watch our video on the Facebook page and also watch through the link. in the video you already watched the fish out from the ponds. If you are also looking for this liquid / concentrated Red Worm Liquid then you can buy it through online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

Fish Catch
Fish Catch
NameConcentrated Red Worm Liquid
Quantity100 ml
Price500 Ruppees/ 7 to 10 $
Where to BuyOnline on Amazon Prime
Is it safe to useYes, you can read in detail before buying through online

In the image, you are watching the liquid name that you are watching on the video. The bottles comes with 100ml and it is very enough to catch a lot of fish from ponds or other places in very easy ways.

Concentrated Red Worm Liquid

  • 【Safe and Durable】Our fish lures are made of safe materials, which are safe and harmless to fish and water. Red worm is a naturally occurring substance. No residual problems and can be used safely.
  • 【Effective Design】Fish Attractant strongly stimulates the sense of smell and taste of aquatic species, increases fish motility and stress resistance.
  • 【Efficient Design】You can add Fishing Bait Additive Liquid in a small amount to the bait according to the actual situation, such as temperature, location, fish volume, etc.
  • 【Wide Application】Our Fishing Attractants are suitable for all kinds of fish species: freshwater fish such as crucian carp/carp/grass/silver carp/green/bream/tilapia/bighead carp, marine fish, crustaceans.
  • 【Attractive Design】Sometimes it is difficult to catch fish all day, this Fishing Bait Additive will make your bait more attractive.


Before using the liquid please read the disclaimer and description in detail. Please read carefully the description of how to use this liquid and keep it always in a safe place. We just giving you information.