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Dr. Brain Korean Drama All Episodes Update

Dr. Brain Korean Drama
Dr. Brain Korean Drama

When Lee Se-Won (Lee Sun-Kyun) was a toddler, his mother died in a very hit-and-run accident. He determined after to become a brain soul. he’s a genius and he remembers everything he sees. twenty years once his mother’s death, Lee Se-Won has become a noted Ph.D. soul within the neuroscience field. Dr. Brain Korean Drama.

One day, a mysterious person contacts him and asks him to extract info from the brain of a person World Health Organization committed suicide. Lee Se-Won is interested and accepts the proposal. He makes an attempt to extract info from the dead man’s brain but fails. a few days later, he finds himself behaving otherwise and seeing things otherwise. Lee Se-Won’s appearance into the dead man’s case.

Dr. Brain All Cast And Crew Member

SeriesDr. Brain
Episodes 6
Genre Crime
Cast Lee Sun-Kyun
Lee Yoo-Young
Park Hee-Soon
Seo Ji-Hye
Lee Jae-Won
Director  Kim Jee-Woon
WriterWriter Hong
Release Date 4 November 2021
Release Language Korean, English
Release Platform Apple Tv
Dr. Brain All Cast


Lee Yoo-young Biography
Lee Yoo-young
Seo Ji-Hye Biography
Seo Ji-Hye
Lee Jae Won Biography
Lee Jae Won
Lee Sun-Kyun Biography
Lee Sun-Kyun

More About This drama

After watching the trailer we can say that this is a good watchable drama series. If you like to watch Korean drama series then it will be the best option for you. You can watch this series on Apple tv. Yes, the Dr brain series will release on Apple Tv in English and Korean languages. These series contain 6 episodes.

The release date of Dr. Brain on the Apple Tv 4 November. And the best thing is that this drama series was released in multiple languages subtitles. So you can also watch this series with subtitles. Read more about the upcoming drama series on

Dr. Brain korean drama watch all episodes

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