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Deep Sidhu Biography, Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Height, Birthplace, Net Worth

Deep Sidhu Biography
Deep Sidhu Biography
NameDeep Sidhu
2 April 1984
Udekaran, Muktsar, Punjab, India
Died 15 February 2022 (aged 37)
Kharkhoda, Haryana, India
Height18 cm
Net Worth$ 5 Million

Deep Sidhu (2 April 1984 – 15 February 2022) was an Indian actor, barrister and activistwho worked in Punjabi language films. Sidhu started his film career with the Punjabi film Ramta Jogi which was produced by actor Dharmendra under his banner Vijayta Films. Deep Sidhu Biography

Deep Sidhu Movies list

2015Ramta JogiJogi
2017Jora 10 NumbariaJora
2018Rang Punjab
2022Saade Aale
2020Jora – The Second ChapterJora

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