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Clap Movie Hindi Dubbed Release Date

Clap Movie Hindi Dubbed
Clap Movie Hindi Dubbed

Clap movie is an action sports drama film. Now again one of the best sports drama movies is coming to its name clap. After seeing the teaser we can say that this movie is super and fantastic. The storyline and the realistic shoot of the movie make it very unique. If you like to watch sports drama movies then this movie will be the best option for you. The best things about the movie are here focused on two Sports Hockey and Running. Two sports scenes make very unique this film so it’s sure it will be hit on Box Office. Clap Movie Hindi Dubbed Release Date read below down.

Most sports movies were focused on one sport like boxing or Kusti types film means or hockey. But in Clap movie story is very different than all sports movies. Where you will see two sports stories Running and Hockey. The male lead of the actor leading as Running player and females lead actress leading a role as Hockey player. This movie also includes actions scenes that mean it will be a good watchable movie for you. Here you will see also a love connection between two players Running and Hockey. This scene will give you an emotional touch of love.

Clap Movie Cast and Crew Member

CastAadhi, Aakansha Singh, Krisha kurup,
DirectorPrithivi Adithya
ProducerIB Karthikeyan
Production CompanyBig Print Pictures
WriterPrithivi Adithya
Release LanguageTamil
Hindi Release DateExpect In December
Release DateOctober
Audio Lahri Music
Clap Movie Cast and Crew Member
  • Aadhi
  • Aakansha Singh
  • Krisha Kurup
  • Brahmaji
  • Nassar
  • Prakash Raj
  • Mime Gopi
  • Munish Kanth

More Update About This Movie

This movie was going to release in 2020 but due to covid makers don’t take any action. After seeing the postponed that means this movie will release in the theater. The release date is not confirmed yet but it will announce soon. the teaser of the movie has been already released and it’s superb. The audience likes the teaser of the movie and they waiting for the trailer. After watching the teaser we can say that this movie is a good watchable movie of the year in sports genres. The trailer of the movie will release and we get more updates about this film.

Clap Movie Hindi Dubbed

Clap movie Hindi dubbed
Clap Movie Hindi Dubbed

Clap movie Hind dubbed release date will be out in December or maybe release after the Tamil language. All south Indian movie is coming in dubbed so this movie will also release in Hindi dubbed. Hindi dubbed not officially announced but maker can release this film on television and Youtube channel after the original release. We will provide here all updates about Hindi dubbed movies on

Clap Movie Teaser