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Fashion pants are smart and sweet, don’t pick people, look good, and simple 

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Fashion trousers are smart and sweet, they are not picky when they are worn, they are good-looking and simple. Fashion pants are smart and sweet

Fashion pants are smart and sweet

The matching of fashion pants is very important. A pair of exquisite fashion pants can play the finishing touch, that is, it can highlight the beauty of women, and at the same time make the overall look look more textured. The fashion pants I’m going to introduce today are fashion pants that look thin and look good without picking your figure! The design of the v-neck makes the neck slender, and the small neckline can lengthen the line of the neck, which naturally improves the sense of fashion.

Such sloping fashion pants match well with the popular “puff sleeves” this year. The v-neck has always been a small item. This shoulder sloping sleeve waist top is looser and fleshy. Fairies can try it. Put the v-neck on a slightly higher part of the neckline. This combination looks thinner and taller, not only thin but also not too loose.

White fashion trousers are classic and versatile. There is no need to deliberately add fashion elements. Soft fashion trousers are paired with loose H-shaped tops or sweaters. Simple and stylish, they are similar to a touch of blue in spring. A-line trousers can lengthen the proportion of the body, and with fashionable high-waisted trousers, you can show thin legs. A pair of loose retro pleated trousers is a new height, which can outline a pair of long legs, and the figure is tall and thin. , which makes you look taller and thinner.

Knitted fashion trousers are very popular this year. The fine knitted fabric can make the body look taller and thinner. The shorter the hem, the better, without wrinkles, and the round neck and v-neck are fine. Fairies who love to wear loose-fitting knitted trousers this spring must wear one. They will not only look thinner, but also taller, thinner and thinner. With a fashionable high-waisted top, it can not only modify the shape of the legs but also lengthen the proportions of the body. It’s also age-reducing, revealing thin ankles, the most fashionable and fashionable.

Fashion pants are smart and sweet

Da Mi Mi has also controlled such knitted trousers, loose and loose, short half-length pants with high heels or simple nine-point wide-leg pants, Da Mi Mi has not been white show since she was a child, all kinds of fashion items In hand, she is simply a proper little fairy. Goose yellow has a warm and dreamy feeling, the color is beautiful, and the half-length pants with some fluffy feeling are easy to look fat and thin, so choose carefully and do not enter.

Fashion pants are smart and sweet, don’t pick people, look good, and simple 

The one-shoulder design is matched with an H-shaped top. Sleeveless or solid-color fashion trousers have a different beauty and are very charming. The small waist can also be well modified, which is suitable for little fairies who are afraid of appearing fat. A little fairy with a pair of black boots will look good with half-length pants with one shoulder, plus a long umbrella to cover it, so that all the visual focus is received in the umbrella tube, and the slimming effect is more obvious.

Fashion pants are smart and sweet

If the A-line trousers cross the knees, the hem of the trousers should be shorter, which will lengthen the proportion of the body. If you feel that the trousers do not fit, you can put the elongated lower body of the trousers into the umbrella pants to achieve a visually slimming effect.

Don’t pursue too much, be the best that suits you! There is a kind of fashion trousers that should be unified in the leg design. It is a loose top or mohair trousers. This material is light and covers the flesh. The mohair trousers are warm and thin. It is more suitable to wear in autumn and winter. A touch of youth.

Goose yellow never picks people up. A white crewneck sweater or T-shirt with goose yellow half-length pants and college-style ripped jeans is fashionable and age-reducing. Wear it with a plaid coat, a hip-pack top and long jeans. It depends on your dressing style. This year’s ripped jeans are on fire.

Fashion trousers are smart and sweet, they are not picky when they are worn, they are good-looking and simple.

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